marine fade

  1. U

    Sold  Koston Tortoise - OCP Purple Clear - Marine Fade

    SOLD - Neon Yellow w/ Polarized Violet Lenses - Like New condition SOLD - Koston Tortoise w/ Ruby Lenses - Good condition; lenses have micro scuffs and swirls but clear vision with no bluffs in view - original bronze lenses in fair condition $90 - OCP Purple Clear w/ +Red Lenses - Like New...
  2. U

    For Sale  Marine Fade w/ Fire Polarized

    Marine Fade Frogskins Minor blemish on tip of left temple to the fade finish Tips of temples have faint bite marks Light wear on right middle arm from folding/storage FIP have some nick marks and light scratches, FOV is still pretty clear Comes with blue Square O hard case $OLD
  3. Hando

    Good Score, Or Did I Pull The Trigger Too Fast?

    Oakley Fire Flora and Marine Fade Frogskins | eBay Ah, just noticed it was one of our fellow members, I gotta say, good score. Thanks eric! Been looking for some Flora's forever. Got screwed on some counterfeits. These look amazing.
  4. S

    Marine Fade W/ Jades

    Just got these off amazon BNIB, of all places... Put my jades in them. My 10th pair
  5. S

    SJJ28's Frog Aquisitions

    I have been an Oakley wearer since the 80's, and have still have a couple of old pairs from then, but I was young, reckless, and slightly dumber than I am now! I've still amassed a collection of about 40 pairs over the years...all bought to wear. Recently I was given a display case and as such...
  6. I

    The Disease Spreads...

    My girlfriend's first pair of Oakleys...Marine Fades (Thanks to tmac777311!!). Although she's skeptical, I know she'll have a few more pairs in the coming months!
  7. maxis888

    Newbie Frogskin Collection

    It's a good start or not for newbie like me ?
  8. Shawn Nwahs Yeo

    Shawn's pond of frogs.

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this forum. Below's my humble collection of Frogskins, nothing compared to many here. They're arranged in chrono order. New frogskins will be updated in this thread in the future. :smile: