mash sf

  1. U

    Found  looking for the 2017 MASH Frog

    hello community, i missed the Frogskin from the 2017 MASH collaboration with Oakley and Chas Christiansen. i have some 2016 REVERT or a 2015 Oakley X Colette X Julien David in Matte Tortoise for a trade.... please let me know if you can help me out.... otherwise i will try to get one from...
  2. Oakmeister

    Newest Addition to my tiny Frogskin collection

    Soon this will be united with his brothers
  3. U

    Traded  OR trade OAKLEY X MASH SF Frogskin

    hello community, i missed that pair - need some help to add this beauty to my collection . . . can spend $€£¥ for it or we could try to find a trade! :help: check out my FS threads: For Sale - Van Ness Vu & Crystal Black For Sale - Italy Fuel Cell Edition For Sale - Batwolf Country...
  4. U

    Trading  Looking for Mash SF Frogskins

    Well looks like I missed out on this one. Ordered an extra pair of the new Revert 95 so I can trade one if anyone has an extra pair of the Mash SF. Let me know thanks.
  5. OakleyBoss

    OAKLEY X MASH SF Frogskin release

    Wanted to share with you a new Frogskin release today! Mash SF teamed up with Oakley, to produce a limited Frogskin piece. They are matte charcoal frames, with black logos, custom produced to match Mash SF's 10 year color palette. The lenses are 24k iridium with the MASH shield laser etched in...