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    Sold  $65.00 PitBoss 2 II ***For Parts***

    Listing is for a used pair of PitBoss 2 Matte Black/Black Iridium Polarized Lenses. Frame has a broken ear stem (PLEASE SEE PICS). Lenses are in ok shape with some scratches in field of vision and are noticeable. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. Includes frame and lenses...
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    Sold  Youth Holbrook XS Matte Poseidon NEW

    Grabbed these for the kid but he really likes his current polished clear/prizm ruby polarized Holbrook XS pair. I hate to let them go but they are just sitting here. Brand new in box never worn literally brand new! Opened the box to check them when I got them and then to take pics. $old
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    Sold  Straight Jacket Matte Clear/Black Iridium

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let these go but honestly, it’s probably best these go to someone who will appreciate them and wear them. All is so is stuck them in a case haha Looking to sell these Matte Clear/Black Iridium Straight Jackets 04-041. These are pretty mint. Frames show no cracks or...
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    Buying  GRENADE Frogskins Gold Iridium

    I'm looking for a pair of matte olive gold iridium frogskins. Model# 24-164 Don't mind them being used I'm thinking $40-100? Thank you very much!
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    Sold  Pit boss 1 Matte Black BI LNIB Price dropped again

    Never worn , sitting in my case , trying to clear out the extras I have to make some room for a few different pieces . Both Come with all three boxes All 9/10 condition basically perfect Matte $sold g&s conus More pics coming
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    Sold  Ferrari Fuel Cell

    Selling my Ferrari fuel cell. Worn twice at most. Lenses have some swirl marks from cleaning but no scratches. No marks on the frame. Comes with regular black bag and ferrari box but the box is for a Ferrari twoface. $80 shipped to CONUS, international is $10 extra. Paypal fees included in...
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    Sold  Pit Boss 1 Matte Black / Black Iridium Polarized

    Selling my matte black pit boss 1. Worn a few times. No visible scratches or marks on the frame and lenses upon inspection. Outer box is a little beat up. Comes complete with all 3 boxes, warranty booklet, and elite microfiber bag. $500 shipped to CONUS. International will be an extra $35. Item...
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    Sold  2015 Holiday Exclusive Pairs - Catalyst, Latch, Triggerman

    Selling the 3 holiday exclusive matte clear with Torch Iridium pairs. All BNIB and unworn. $110 ($OLD) each for the Catalyst and Latch ($OLD) . $130 for the Triggerman ($OLD). Take all 3 for $330. Shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees included in price. International shipping will be extra. No trades.
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    Sold  Matte Tortoise Colette Frogskins

    BNIB. $175 each shipped paypal fees included. No trades.
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    For Sale  BNIB Carbon Blades

    Got a few BNIB, complete Carbon Blades for sale. See below for pics, color schemes, and quantities. $180 each, shipped to CONUS, international shipping will be extra, PayPal gifted or add the 4% for fees. No trades. PM if interested thanks. OO9174-01: Matte Carbon / Grey Polarized (SOLD OUT)...
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    Does the matte black Crosslink get dirty easily?

    The matte black Crosslink looks good & is a great fit, but that frame feels kinda less smooth, almost rubbery on quick inspection, do they get dirty and show the dirt faster than if they were polished ones and if so are they harder to keep clean?
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    For Sale  BNIB Carbon Blades: Grey and OO Red

    Got 3 of the Polished Carbon / OO Red Polarized and 2 of the Matte Carbon / Grey Polarized Carbon Blades, all brand new, never worn, and complete. $215 each for the OO Red and $220 ($OLD) for the Grey. Shipping to CONUS included in price, PayPal gifted or add the 4% for fees. International...