max fear light

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    Sold Fuel Cell - Max Fear Light

    Selling a custom, new in box, Max Fear Light Fuel Cell. I switched out the Black Iridium lenses for Fire Iridium lenses as soon as I got them. They've just been sitting in my case for years. Comes with box and MFL microfiber bag. Looking for $130 shipped in the US.
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    Traded Fuel Cell Bundle

    All are brand new in box. Please let me know if you have any questions. $425 shipped.
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    For Sale Wedding sale Part 2!

    Found some more stuff so it goes in to the wedding fund! moto GP sliver XL Spielberg edition OO9341-2457 $115 shipped Oakley Ferrari Tinfoil Carbon 9/10 (box is damaged and won’t close but comes with Ferrari hard case $210 shipped MPH Max fear light Holbrook with light grey. Super rare...
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    Found Max Fear Light Scapel

    As title states. Would like to buy Max Fear Light Scapel. Would prefer Max Fear Light box, bag and glasses but am good with just glasses and Max Fear Light bag. Don't really have much to trade so this would be a cash only purchase. Thanks in advance for hooking an Oakley Brother up!