medicine cabinet

  1. U

    Sold Medicine Cabinet

    Medicine Cabinet It has some scratches, the base is new, door in good condition. Price $ 380 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  2. BHarry

    Running short on room...

    I am not a natural salesman, but sometimes you learn best by necessity. My Oakley collection resides in a "spare bedroom" in my houses that houses a snake, video games, swords, light sabers, no spare bed and a lot of Oakleys. So, overall my wife is pretty patient. However, I knew another case...
  3. frank330xi

    My 1st's not going in the bathroom though

    Well I have done it! I popped my display case cherry. I picked up this medicine cabinet today, and have a few questions about it. My 1st is about the stands that are epoxied on the shelves and the bottom. Are these add-ons or was this a Oakley issued version? The stand are the tops of the...