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    Sold  Lightly Used SS Dbltap - 835.00

    Seems just as i decided to wear this cool watch, GF got me the Gear s3. Now not even as sexy as a dbltap, i wont miss any phone calls or texts. (i think shes on to me!!) :assassin: So its was only used a few times to dinner on a sat. Since she is with me, no need to use a s3. Everything is...
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    For Sale  GMT white SKU: 10-140 (Used)

    Looking at moving this watch out of collection to make more room. More of a non shelf watch wearer, or trying to be. Asking 225.00. Used and as far as i can see no major marks. Not new but looks good. Just not keen on the smaller size. I think the Doubletap and 12 gauge spoiled me. couple...