metal case

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    Sold  Small polished vault! Price drop !!

    Hey everyone I have a small metal case that I polished for sale today ! It's just the smaller one only at this time the other is just to give you an idea of the size!! These are smaller than the x-metal case. There is no foam inside of this !! I polished it up so itsi nice and pretty for...
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    Got my First Turbine

    Hello Everybody! I got my first Turbine after my 3y/o Holbrook was accidentally crushed in my workplace and I am thinking to buy a case for it. Will the square O case can accomodate the Turbine? Or should I just go with the metal vault or the carbon fiber case. Really need your inputs. Thank you
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    For Sale  Polished Torpedo

    Hello Fellow Forumers. For sale is: 1- Torpedo Case-Excellent Condition and polished by an O bro. Small dent left and low from the O icon. Inside is plush and clean, original box in near mint condition. It's sexy, and I will put it in an MF bag. Delivered US is $35 paypal. I have 2 for...