metal display

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    For Sale  Rare 5-Unit X-Metal Display

    Hello Of for sale this 5-Unit X-Metal Display. Price 200 allin or best offer ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ).
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    For Sale  X7 - Lot for Metal Display

    Hello Of for sale now this lot for display, 4 one tier + authorized dealer + metal Mirror + coin holder Price $150 allin or best offer ( International Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included in the price ). Have a good day.
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    Sold  Lot for Display 9 glasses In x3 one tier + x3 two tier metal displays #SOLD

    Hello Ofamily for sale this pack of one and two tier metal displays in very good condition, you can display 9 glasses, I want sell all together. Two tier x3 $25 each One tier x3 $15 each Price: $110 for the displays +$37 for the fees and shipping. $147 allin #SOLD in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping...
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    For Sale  One tier polarized metal display+Two tier metal display+card holder+Torpedo metal vault

    Hello OFamily for sale this mix of displays, used in good condition, I want sell all together. One tier polarized metal display Two tier metal display Card holder metal display Torpedo metal vault Price $135 $120 allin, Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking number and total...
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    For Sale  Or trade Metal display’s mix 15 pieces

    Hello Ofamily for sale or trade this metal display’s mix, have 15 pieces, all in good condition. 5 2tier 5 1tier 2 card or coin holder 1 authorized dealer 1 metal icon 1 mirrow Price $380 allin, payment in PayPal g&s, shipping with tracking and total insurance included. Thanks for...