1. Will619

    For Sale Icon business card case

    Cleaning out closet sale. Bought it a while ago, never used it. $130 shipped
  2. Maveryq13

    Cracked Carbon X-Metal Repair

    Bought a pair of Carbon X Squared second hand, and noticed a crack near the hinge after disassembling them for cleaning. Can't return them. Anyone have any recommendations for repair? Thanks
  3. Frogskins


  4. Hellcat2k16

    Found Oakley Switch Blade Divot tool

    I used to have one but it was stolen and i very much want a new one for my collection. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with please contact me. Prefer in box or even NIB but not required
  5. bean323

    Sold Double Tap - Stainless - NIB 1100.00 - conus only

    Good day. Selling second to last item of my collection. Never used, displayed only Double tap Watch. placed on a stand within my little case and turned off to not run. Picked up NEW and never worn. Pictures below. Must have a decent trader rating. CONUS ONLY. any questions, write or...
  6. Gyugyu

    Buying Metal D-rings

    Hey guys! Does any of you have spare aluminium D-rings for sale? Or do you know a better way to get them, than to buy some used Oakely bag and cut them off of it?
  7. bean323

    Sold Black R1 - X-man Work w/xtras - Conus Only 700.00

    Up to move out of small case. very well taken care of and comes with all the lenses as seen in pictures. All lens at 9./10 at least.. no visible marks. All polarized lenses. Think i have some extra rubber parts but unsure. Any questions, ask. Conus only, shipped Insured and priority...
  8. Jmgarcia

    For Sale Vaults

    1. XX x-metal Jade polar cut by Chris. These were purchased from another member but never got around to use them so they got to go for other projects. New and never mounted $67 SOLD! . 2. Medium O-matter metal vault, no foam or box. Hinges are still snappy and the vault is not bent nor warped...
  9. The_Darkone

    Sold Flippers Dream - Oakley Metal Display Stands

    I am selling 36 of the metal display stands. All have been used and have a few nicks or scuffs. Some have the typical bending issue for the 2 tier ones but can be easily straightened back into shape. 18 - 1 tier 18 - 2 tier Selling all 36 for $225 PayPal G&S shipping included CONUS. That's...
  10. bean323

    Sold Lightly Used SS Dbltap - 835.00

    Seems just as i decided to wear this cool watch, GF got me the Gear s3. Now not even as sexy as a dbltap, i wont miss any phone calls or texts. (i think shes on to me!!) :assassin: So its was only used a few times to dinner on a sat. Since she is with me, no need to use a s3. Everything is...
  11. Questor

    Buying Lg metal vault case

    I'm hoping to buy a square metal vault case to fit some Juliet's and or Romeo's. I believe this is the one I'm looking for. Ten rivets wide, four rivets tall, and four rivets deep. Interior foam in a good condition is a plus. Thanks. Q~
  12. Foldupcup

    For Sale Metal Holbrook with Torch Polarized

    Hey everyone. Got a BNIB matte gunmetal with Torch Polarized metal Holbrook for sale Never worn, If you have questions feel free to reach out Asking 140 shipped with PayPal
  13. Foldupcup

    Sold Metal Holbrook w Sapphire prizm BNIB

    Hey everyone. Would anyone be interested in one of the new metal Holbrook with the Sapphire prizm lenses? Brand new in box never worn I'd be asking 160 shipped MSRP is 220 Let me know!
  14. SUPR SAV

    Buying Coins - Gotta Catch'm All!

    Hey folks: I am looking for: 1/2X New Coin
  15. garnooh

    Oakley Metal - what model ?

    Hi . I need help with Oakley metal sunglasses , but i cant found info about model . this model is similar to Romeo 2 Can someone tell me what model these oakley sunglasses are
  16. bean323

    For Sale Oakley Robot Storefront - 260.00 Shipped -CONUS

    Needed to make a little room.on shelf. Conus only. Number 212. Thanks
  17. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Like New Rust Decay Metal Case - GONE

    Selling one of my 3 rust decay cases. Like new OEM Rust Decay Metal Case. In mint condition. These are slightly larger than the Xmetal vaults, so they fit all the xmetal models in it. Price $150 includes shipping ConUS, Paypal G&S (will ship only to the address provided by PayPal, if not...
  18. bean323

    Sold Double Tap - 800.00 Watch - Total Cost - Nib. w/metal bracelet w/case CONUS

    Looking to move this out of collection. No trades and CONUS only. Worn once and then put into display. (right when the notice that oakley were stopping production. (figures). Will come with the display box just to move it out also. Pictures: BOX extra. Any questions please...
  19. X-Metal Beast

    Trading Metal display stand for 3 tier plastic stand

    As title says, I have the polarized metal display stand shown on the picture below. Looking to trade for a triple tier black plastic stand.
  20. bean323

    Traded Like New - Xm X Squared +Xmas Bonus Lenses- 475.00 Shipped/All

    According to new rules.. 475.00 out the door to you. signed sealed and shipped. (it will go insured and priority mail, usually 2-3 days to you) And if you acted earlier, you might have gotten a toaster, but instead iI am selling with a set of fire lens. Great condition. Has everything...
  21. bean323

    For Sale ** SPF ** Romeo 1. X-Metal - 525.00 Choice of lens - Conus

    Hello there and thanks for looking. CONUS!!!! Not looking to trade. Assumed i could just turn these around to cover the other project pair. Originally was going to take this pair and get them coated Satin Black but found a better R1 that was a better candidate for the "procedure". These...
  22. OakleyFTW

    For Sale Oakley Goggle Display Tower

    For Sale or Trade! Picked this up a little while ago but need to free up some space in my living room! It's all metal and a neat display piece if you're a skier or boarder, or alternatively the goggle holders an be removed only the shelves used. I have three pairs of goggles so it's a little...
  23. Jazzy G

    Madman RX Look Great!!!

    Just picked up my new Madman RX! I was going to buy the matching Madman Sunglasses, but they are a little too funky for me. These Madman RX look great, have that old school style blended with Oakley's unique design! I was worried that my round head may be too wide for these (43), but luckily...
  24. bean323

    Sold Juliet Box w/coin - 75.00

    Hi. well seems i won't be needing the box since i moved the Juliets out. pretty damn good shape for its age. Whats really nice is the coin. Any questions or if i forgot to show something ask. thanks for looking.
  25. bean323

    Sold Juliet Non-Serial - New Tuneup - 300 OBO.

    Hey.. looking to move a Juliet that i just had services by X-man. Asking 300. but looking for a reasonable offer. note the reasonable part. :) The frame is tight and has extra rubber. No box just a pouch. The lens are not 100%. very small scuffs and doesn't effect vision. The lens appear...
  26. bean323

    What a deal... gotta love ebay

    lol.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/X-Metal-X-Squared-Style-Designer-Sunglasses-Xmetal-/272011165964?hash=item3f5521010c:g:q58AAOSw14xWF6wM only 50 dollars!!! and 75 bucks to ship.. how can you lose??
  27. bean323

    For Sale Half X Box, coin, & extra nose pads in LN condition - No frame or lenses

    I have a very good condition box, coin, extra nose pads and documentation of a Half X carbon w Black iridium polarized. I have no use for it, so here it is for sale. If you are interested, feel free to PM me. This doesn't include the frame or lenses. just the box, coin, extra nose pads and...
  28. bean323

    For Sale NWOB Half X $170.00 - Priced 2 move.

    New without box: Half-X Color: X-metal Lens: Gold Iridium (Not polarized) Never worn or displayed $170.00 shipped USA ONLY. PayPal f+f or please cover 4%
  29. bean323

    For Sale J Serial X metal Juliet - 2 Move.

    J serial number X metal Juliet No box, no coin *Frame is tight, just had serviced from Oakley and all rubber is new from that service *Lenses in frames are brand new Black Iridium- Prefer CONUS shipping and buyer Just picked this up and it was my first Juliet. NICE! Downside is i also picked...
  30. bean323

    Romeo - frames only Ebay

    so since i just got into Metals. (thanks for bringing me to the dark side) i was watching this ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231702846268?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ended selling at 457.0 then the next day...