michael jordan romeo

  1. U

    Sold Romeo 1 michael Jordan xmetal w/ black iridium #2486

    Hello again OFamily I decided to put other one of my romeo mj for sale, I get this set here from a good members, i go to put his description, ratio and price wen he put on sale, I never used it and have the same status. Complete Jordan R1 comes with box, coin, microfiber bag, foam, and glasses...
  2. U

    Sold Michael Jordan Romeo & Polished Romeo

    Hi, fellow O enthusiasts, I have the following pairs for your consideration: Romeo Polished with Deep Red Lenses Frame: 9/10 polished but it is not mirror finish. Serial number is preserved but it is very faint. Lenses: 9/10 3rd party Red lenses (cannot recall the brand) Rubbers &...
  3. HardcoreX

    Oakley Romeo 1 Limited Michael Jordan

    I have a Chance to get a NEW Oakley Romeo 1 Limited Michael Jordan . What are normaly prices? And is anyone interested in it? I get photos in the next days.
  4. Wyatt17

    X-Metal Pricing

    Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and i am looking to pick up some X-Metals. I was wondering what i should be paying. I am looking a some Juliet Corvettes and some Micheal Jordan Romeos. What ballpark should I be paying for each?