michael jordan

  1. K

    Michael Jordan Romeo Sunglasses X Metal

    Any idea what they're worth? I can't sell them yet as I haven't reached my requirements for exchange but I'd love to know the value. Please.
  2. O

    Is this stuff true?

    This is a really cool article about Jordan, I didn't know he was so closely affiliated with the brand. Sorry if this is common Oakley knowledge, it's new to me. https://www.saudadesports.com/blogsinglecolumnjc/mike-and-oakley
  3. U

    For Sale  Romeo 1 michael Jordan xmetal w/ black iridium #5388

    hello OFamily I decided to put this edition on sale, this is new without use and without defects, with all the accessories, coin, bag, rubbers, the box matches with the serial number of the frame, is perfect, I bought it on eBay at an auction that put a Hospice and it was a donation, they put it...
  4. Lupetto

    X metal beret hitting highs!!

    Rare Oakley Michael Jordan X-Metal black beret. Romeo-Mars-Juliet-OTT | eBay
  5. U

    Sold  Romeo MJ xmetal w/ black iridium #5749 #SOLD

    Hello OFamily I decided to put for sale one of my Romeo Jordan, all is perfect, came with bag only, the frame and lenses don't have scratchers, I put the lenses off to prevent cracks in, all is original Mj oakley product, the red rubbers are original too. Description: very good...
  6. Uluahunter

    Oakley & Jordan collab - What's the history?

    Okay, I've tried searching online for this, but can't seem to find any info. What is the history behind the Oakley and Michael Jordan collaboration? And how was it he got tied to the X-Metal series? Just looking from the outside in, it seems that most other athletes associated/sponsored by...