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    Found Looking to get a T Wire gen1 mint

    Per the subject line, I’m looking for a mint/nib first generation T wire, unstained and clean earsox, pristine. This is a pair I had wanted since I was in my mid-teens. Anyways let me know, thanks. The box is not an issue, if there is no box that’s fine however the frame, lenses, earsox, etc...
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    Sold Oakley Mag M-Frame Dark Carbide w/ Black Iridium Hybrid S | NOS unused boxed

    I'm selling a new in box Mag M-Frame on behalf of a friend of mine. This pair was never worn and even not displayed. It was just stored in a drawer right after it was bought a couple of years ago. The only thing I could critisize is some sort of white dust from contact corrossion on one of the...
  3. U

    Found M Frame Gen2 Crystal Black mint frame.

    I’ve opted to change what I’m looking for from simply because I’ve noticed now that there are hairline cracks on both side of both temples. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ So now, I’m on the hunt for a mint frame w/temples, icons without missing paint, and non-gummy slate earsocks. If you’ve a spare Gen2 Crystal...
  4. U

    Sold Milkshake Frog

    Milkshake Frogskin blue front with mint stems. Chrome Irid lens. Will include original box and milkshake micro bag. Asking $115>$105 plus shipping.
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    Buying Looking for mars crater to buy

    Hello, looking for a mars CRATER, in any range condition from beater pair to mint. Please PM me with what you have and your price, thank you. Preferably x-metal frame with black iridium or ruby iridium lens...
  6. hockeyguy

    Milkshake Frogs

    I never got the chance to post these after I received them so I’m a bit late. But did anyone else get any of the Milkshake Frogskins? Here’s two of the pairs I got. Ps- the pink frames lenses weren’t an online option just something I had laying around.
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    Sold C Six Aluminum New In Box With Tags Everything Included

    Asking $2250. Already have an offer of $2000 for them. The guy that is trying to buy them plans to wear them (which I am okay with) and stated he doesn't care about all the packaging. I prefer a "collector" purchase them as everything is there. I don't care if someone buys them to wear, but I...
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    Sold Water Jacket lnib. Complete set collector grade!

    Racing jacket with all ancillaries. All in unused condition as this set was never used in water. Comes with oversized microfiber bag, cleaning solution with small cleaning cloth, neck rope, zippered box in nearest to mint condition. Also outer box! Price is 250$ plus shipping. No trades...
  9. U

    For Sale Oldies and goodies: Flame Straight Jackets, Sq Wire 2.0, rare Gascan, XX Twenty

    Here come a few pieces you might remember: Square Wire SH 2.0: Dark w/ Black Iridium $140 - Frame, lens, and earsocks are all in original mint condition Straight Jacket, Green Flames with Emerald $125 - Frame, lens, and earsocks in original mint condition Straight Jacket, Orange...
  10. U

    For Sale Oakley Lens Book - pristine condition, still sealed

    Here I have an unused Oakley Lens Book which is still factorysealed. This picture will give you an idea how the book is looking inside... Here is a picture of my book which is for sale... Price is 150 USD including worldwide shipment, payment via PayPal G&S Any questions? Please ask.