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    minute 1.0? replaced arms?

    Yo, came across these while looking for 1.0s and got mad confused. Never seen the Minutes frames in a gloss finish in the short time I've looked them up and the arms threw me off even more. Can any1 ID the arms? a replacement from another model? Are those 1.0s legit?
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    For Sale  Minute (Gen 1) Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for dale this other old school frame the minute gen1 black frame with black lenses, It is used but in very condition, the right lens has some marks but very little and does not disturb the vision, see the pics, comes with microbag, an essential piece for lovers of this model. SKU...
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    For Sale  Minute (Gen 1) Tortoise / Gold Iridium

    Hello Ofamily for sale now this awesome Minute Gen 1 Tortoise frame with Gold Iridium lenses, they are in exceptional condition for their age lolllll they have barely used, don’t have bumps or scratches, it comes with a microbag only. SKU: 04-080 Frame 09/10 Lenses 09/10 Rubbers 09/10 Price...
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    Sold  Minute (Gen 1) Electric Violet FMJ w/ Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale other epic gen1 the Minute Electric Violet FMJ with Black Iridium lenses is like new, I have used it a couple of times, two or three times, the lenses and the frame are perfect, like the first day, the minute gen1 are very difficult to see this days and more in this...
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    For Sale  Minute (Gen 1) pearl blue w/ black iridium

    Hello Of for sale othe new jewel this new without defects, is the first that were made, with holes in the arms, a classic, perfect pair, came with me-bag, rated on 9,9 but all is 10. SKU: 04-089 Frame 9,9 Lenses 9,9 Price $160 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking number and...
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    Sold  lot at $ 55

    lot at $ 55 Flak jacket is New Price for each $ 55 Pay with Paypal Shipping to the United States $ 5
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    Sold  Lot Of 5 Minute Frames

    Lot Of 3 Minute Frames As shown in the images, one of these frames have the lenses in good condition, with some small scratches 8/10 Price $120 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the United States.
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    Sold  Minute (Gen 1) FMj 5.56 w/ persimmon

    Hi again OFamily now I offer a special piece for sale, in all these years I have only seen 3 same as these, it is a jewel, it is in exceptional conditions, without scratches or bumps, it has been saved especially so that it will not deteriorate due to the passage of years, came with bag only...
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    Buying  Minute 1.0 Gen2 Black Frames with Black Iridium Lenses

    Looking to buy some classic Minute 1.0 Gen 2 in the Black Frame with Black Iridium Lenses. I'm open to the various frame editions such as the SI or subdued icons or matte. I'm open to the various lens types such as polarized, non-polarized, or Prizm. NIB would be ideal but I'm ok with used...
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    Buying  Minute 1 Black frame with Black Iridium

    Looking for the first version of minutes with black frame and black iridium lenses. Can be polarized or without. Shipping to Australia.