1. Paulo Cal

    Sold Minute Machine Red Diamond (brand new, never used)

    Hi all, I have 1 Minute Machine Red Diamond for sale, I paid $4320 for it ($4000 retail + 8% CA tax) and I have the original receipt, which I will send to the buyer. I am not trying to sell it for profit, I just need the money, I will let it go for $4455, basically cost plus expenses. Buyer...
  2. Paulo Cal

    For Sale Brand new Oakley Minute Machine Red Diamond

    SOLD OUT, I don't know how to change the status to SOLD.
  3. Paulo Cal

    Sold Price Reduced - Minute Machine Red Dial Diamond - OW00008-01

    Brand new, never used. SKU OW00008-01 $3999 * Since I got a second one for less than retail price, I updated the post to lower the price to $3999 (from $4999)