1. Millertime2598

    Sold Red Faced Minute Machine

    Got a friend looking to sell her Red Faced Minute Machine. Watch is essentially new, she only wore it a handful of times. Only thing is the few marks on the back near the clasps. Comes with box, case, papers and all of the links. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for...
  2. Tejada

    Sold Minute Machine Unobtanium

    Minute Machine The clock is functional and is in excellent condition. Price $650 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to usa.
  3. RedOak

    Trading SF16-C FOR DIAMOND DIAL mm OR TB2

    Wanting to trade an SF16-C for a diamond dial black minute machine or timebomb 2 plus some Cash on my part
  4. Tejada

    Sold Minute Machine Red

    Minute Machine Red in very good condition. The screws are in perfect condition. the battery ran out, I can send it with a new one. Price $ 720 Free shipping DHL Pay by Paypal
  5. toosteeley

    Sold Red Minute Machine

    For sale is an excellent condition red faced Minute Machine/Time Tank with rubber strap. Comes with premium wooden display box and outer black box. Hardly been worn and it shows! Still has the plastic on the back of the face ;) Asking $OLD! shipped anywhere in North America.
  6. Paulo Cal

    For Sale Brand new Oakley Minute Machine Red Diamond

    SOLD OUT, I don't know how to change the status to SOLD.