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    For Sale Oakley Double Wide 3.0 Display Case, 4.0 Tower Mirror, and Snowboards

    Hey all, Starting to trim down the extras I have sitting and laying around, only looking for pick-up or meet-up at this point as i don't want to ship these larger items. Located in South Florida (Northern Palm Beach County). All prices or OBO and i will love to package Oakley 3.0...
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    For Sale X7 - Lot for Metal Display

    Hello Of for sale now this lot for display, 4 one tier + authorized dealer + metal Mirror + coin holder Price $150 allin or best offer ( International Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included in the price ). Have a good day.
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    For Sale Copper Penny/VR28

    Copper Penny (Serialized) w/ VR28 Lenses + Aftermarket Lenses + Coin - Found these in an old Oakley Vault case (One of the old metal ones!) when I was cleaning out my old room. - They have spent the last 5+ years in there. - I have some aftermarket silver mirror lenses that were on it. -...
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    For Sale Oakley Mirror for Metal Towers

    Hello all for sale a mirrors for the Xmetal towers or for were you want, maybe displayed ? :) never used. 4 units available.+ 20 more Price: $120 $100 Allin each, obo, if you want more pm for price. Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking number included to all Thanks for look.