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    Sold  MM Minute Machine/ Time Tank Ti Bracelet/clasp only

    Hi All, Up for grabs is a lightly used Ti Bracelet. Everything is in good working order. 2 H connector link things to connect to the case and 11 sizing links however 1 of the spare links is missing the screws and the washers but I'll include a pair of black 3D printed washers made...
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    Buying  Beater MM w/Ti Band - Cash or Trade

    Looking for a beater / well used MM/TT. Must be mechanically sound Must have the titanium bracelet / band I have cash, &/or X-Metal’s XX & XS frames for trade. No new or nice conditions please - this is destined for customizing. Thank you
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    Found  MM / Watch Vault

    Lookin to purchase a MM soft vault. If there is a hard vault, very interested in tha as well. Thank you
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    Found  MM black rubber band

    Like the title says, I am looking to buy an MM black rubber band. Let me know what you got via pm. Thanks