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    Hey guys! I recently purchased a pair of Oakley splice, and the most tragic thing happened! The plastic part of the frame has shattered due to poor packaging and handling. I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum who may have a donor pair or even extra parts. Any leads or bumps would...
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    Looking for UK crystal polishing

    I have a Timebomb 1 icon and would like to have the crystal polished as it’s a little scratched up… I’d really appreciate if anyone here could recommend a reputable mod who who could this for me in the UK :)
  3. K

    Shocktube custom paint

    Just finished painting my boring shocktube. Just wanted some opinions... I used some old paint laying around it's a real fine silver metallic as the base, and then a candy blue, unsure of the color because of missing label. And the red I used oem GM supply repair paint, cadillac electric red...