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    For Sale Metal Works Carbon Gold Money Clip 0680

    Hello Of for sale this BNIB Carbon Gold Money Clip 0680 only open to take the pics. 10/10 Price 400 allin or best offer ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included ). Have a good day.
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    Sold Metal Works Carbon Fiber Gold Money Clip 0488

    Hello Of for sale this BNIB Carbon Fiber Gold Money Clip 0488 only open to take the pics. 10/10 Price 400 allin ( $50 for the Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included ). Have a good day.
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    For Sale Metal Vaults, Money Clips, Pins, Earsocks, Replacement foam, catalogs loads of stuff

    I am having a clear out of the Oakley I don’t want / need any more, if there is such a thing I don’t know. Anyway I have a long list, I have included basic photos here and if you want more detailed info or pictures PM me an I can give you more. I am in the UK and will ship worldwide at cost...
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    Sold Money Clip, Jim Jannard USB, Lanyard D-ring

    Money Clip Used in good condition, with slight scratches.$ 70 SOLD Jim Jannard USB Brand new price $ 50 Lanyard D-ring Used in good condition, normal wear and tear. $65 SOLD If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Free shipping...
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    Sold Money clip wallet

    Money clip wallet It has some signs of wear, but in good condition. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 180 $160 Pay by Paypal Free shipping in the US
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    For Sale Airborn Money Clip and sochi and London Olympics Pins

    £34 Airborn Money Clip in the box including shipping £33 sochi olympics pin including shipping £25 london olympics pin including shipping
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    Buying LTB original color carbon fiber money clip

    I'm looking to buy an original color carbon fiber money clip. Would like it new or like new, no scratches.
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    Sold BNIB Gold Carbon Money Clip #71

    Up for sale is a new gold carbon money clip. It's never even been displayed. I purchased it as a backup to my other so it has just sat in a box. It has the display box, inner and outer boxes, and the COA. There is a little chip of paint missing by the stem in the lid but doesn't effect...
  9. Dullisc

    New purchases this week

    Finally got my M Frame back. Have been missing us and was sad that I traded it in when I got the M2. Picked up an Oakley money clip cheap with the purchase of the M Frame just cause I like the look of it and as a Christmas gift to myself got the Juliet Carbon from @neill Now to save up for a...
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    Traded Trade CF gold money clip

    265 shipped US obo Additional for outside of US I have 2 and only need the one. Complete set. #496 Will trade for original carbon fiber money clip, blackline caribiner, Bunker, store front. Only completes.
  11. C

    Gold and Carbon Fiber MoneyClips

    Just picked up these 3 bad boys today and have had the carabiner since December.
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    For Sale Selection of money clips

    I have for sale a selection of money clips, I have to much stuff that doesn't see the light of day and want to spend the money on some other items. All prices include shipping in the UK, I will ship abroad but will add a couple of pounds due to the extra cost. Airborne money clip £38 BNIB...
  13. BAPD77

    My Serialized....

    here are my serialized accessories.
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    Deal Money clip w/leather card holder

    Looking to replace a money clip with leather wallet part like the one in the photo. Please reply or PM if willing to sell one! Thanks!
  15. The_Darkone

    Holiday Metalworks Available online

    The new 2015 Holiday Metalworks Money clip and carabiner are available on now.
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    For Sale Carbon Fiber Money Clip

    Selling a 77/500 Carbon Fiber Money Clip! I am selling so I can grab the number i have been wanting. Message me for questions. Not looking for any trades. Also let me know if you are looking for any further pictures. Asking $475. That will cover shipping within CONUS. you can either send payment...
  17. C

    Carbon Fiber Money Clip

    Texas man here...I recently purchased clip number 238. Love it, and amazed at prices they are going for on eBay. Will post pic tomorrow.
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    For Sale Metalworks carbon fiber money clip #80 & #88 SOLD

    #80 SOLD I have two, and only want one. I am looking to sell for $300 shipped CONUS (saves you a trip to your O-store, Taxes, and temptation to buy more stuff) International buyers are accepted, please contact me with address to get an accurate shipping quote. I am only selling one, to make...
  19. MKO2012

    Limited Carbon Fiber Money Clip #13 and #17

    As many of you already know, Oakley is releasing a series of limited edition carbon fiber money clips. Much in the same way with the carbon fiber carabiner, onlt 500 will be made and each one individually serialized. The O Store I work at just got two in; lucky #13 and #17. If anyone is...