1. Ali Foam

    For Sale Metal Vaults, Money Clips, Pins, Earsocks, Replacement foam, catalogs loads of stuff

    I am having a clear out of the Oakley I don’t want / need any more, if there is such a thing I don’t know. Anyway I have a long list, I have included basic photos here and if you want more detailed info or pictures PM me an I can give you more. I am in the UK and will ship worldwide at cost...
  2. Tejada

    For Sale Money Clip, Jim Jannard USB, Lanyard D-ring

    Money Clip Used in good condition, with slight scratches.$ 70 SOLD Jim Jannard USB Brand new price $ 50 Lanyard D-ring Used in good condition, normal wear and tear. $65 SOLD If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Free shipping...
  3. Tejada

    For Sale Money clip wallet

    Money clip wallet It has some signs of wear, but in good condition. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 180 $160 Pay by Paypal Free shipping in the US
  4. Ali Foam

    For Sale Airborn Money Clip and sochi and London Olympics Pins

    £34 Airborn Money Clip in the box including shipping £33 sochi olympics pin including shipping £25 london olympics pin including shipping
  5. Kevin O'Camb

    Buying LTB original color carbon fiber money clip

    I'm looking to buy an original color carbon fiber money clip. Would like it new or like new, no scratches.
  6. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Gold Carbon Money Clip #71

    Up for sale is a new gold carbon money clip. It's never even been displayed. I purchased it as a backup to my other so it has just sat in a box. It has the display box, inner and outer boxes, and the COA. There is a little chip of paint missing by the stem in the lid but doesn't effect...
  7. Dullisc

    New purchases this week

    Finally got my M Frame back. Have been missing us and was sad that I traded it in when I got the M2. Picked up an Oakley money clip cheap with the purchase of the M Frame just cause I like the look of it and as a Christmas gift to myself got the Juliet Carbon from @neill Now to save up for a...
  8. Pospaintballer

    Traded Trade CF gold money clip

    265 shipped US obo Additional for outside of US I have 2 and only need the one. Complete set. #496 Will trade for original carbon fiber money clip, blackline caribiner, Bunker, store front. Only completes.
  9. C

    Gold and Carbon Fiber MoneyClips

    Just picked up these 3 bad boys today and have had the carabiner since December.
  10. Ali Foam

    For Sale Selection of money clips

    I have for sale a selection of money clips, I have to much stuff that doesn't see the light of day and want to spend the money on some other items. All prices include shipping in the UK, I will ship abroad but will add a couple of pounds due to the extra cost. Airborne money clip £38 BNIB...
  11. BAPD77

    My Serialized....

    here are my serialized accessories.
  12. Brian24Xmetal

    Deal Money clip w/leather card holder

    Looking to replace a money clip with leather wallet part like the one in the photo. Please reply or PM if willing to sell one! Thanks!
  13. The_Darkone

    Holiday Metalworks Available online

    The new 2015 Holiday Metalworks Money clip and carabiner are available on Oakley.com now.
  14. jdawg0240

    For Sale Carbon Fiber Money Clip

    Selling a 77/500 Carbon Fiber Money Clip! I am selling so I can grab the number i have been wanting. Message me for questions. Not looking for any trades. Also let me know if you are looking for any further pictures. Asking $475. That will cover shipping within CONUS. you can either send payment...
  15. C

    Carbon Fiber Money Clip

    Texas man here...I recently purchased clip number 238. Love it, and amazed at prices they are going for on eBay. Will post pic tomorrow.
  16. D

    For Sale Metalworks carbon fiber money clip #80 & #88 SOLD

    #80 SOLD I have two, and only want one. I am looking to sell for $300 shipped CONUS (saves you a trip to your O-store, Taxes, and temptation to buy more stuff) International buyers are accepted, please contact me with address to get an accurate shipping quote. I am only selling one, to make...
  17. MKO2012

    Limited Carbon Fiber Money Clip #13 and #17

    As many of you already know, Oakley is releasing a series of limited edition carbon fiber money clips. Much in the same way with the carbon fiber carabiner, onlt 500 will be made and each one individually serialized. The O Store I work at just got two in; lucky #13 and #17. If anyone is...