1. MinC13

    Buying MD, SJ2 and Scar lenses

    Looking for Oakley lenses for the aforementioned frames. Looking specifically for +Red, Ruby, Sapphire, Ice, Emerald, Chrome or 24k. Open to seeing what you guys have, though. Thanks
  2. DaysOfNoah

    Sold Brand New Monster Dog Dark Translucent Olive (the one MonsterDog to rule them all)

    *Price drop* Up for sale is a brand new Oakley Monster Dog, in Dark Translucent Olive. I bought this some time ago from my good friend @Tejada I like it, but for financial reasons it's time to sell and recoup what I invested. I opened it to take photos. * Frame Condition: 10/10 Mint Brand...
  3. Fernando

    Sold Monster Dog Brown Tortoise / Bronze

    Hello OF for sale this dog brown tortoise frame with bronze lenses, I have used them with a lot of love, the lenses and the frame have signs of use, but still very well. SKU: 05-013 Frame 7/10 Lenses 7/10 Price: $80 for the glasses + $30 for the fees and shipping. $110 allin in Paypal g&s OBO...
  4. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Monster Dog OEM Black Iridium lenses (not custom cut)

    Monster Dog OEM Black Iridium lenses in mint condition. These are not custom cut, and were removed from new frames. Upon inspection I see no flaws, at all, but since they were at some point installed on a frame, I will rate them 9.5 to be safe Price $60 shipped USA
  5. MinC13

    Style preference

    Is it me, or has Oakley completely done away w frames like The Straight Jacket 2007, valves and Monster Dogs, which had more of a sleeker shape and a nice comfortable wrap to them? I was just on their website, and everything seemed boxy-looking and big. My wife makes fun of me for my affinity...
  6. MinC13

    Monster Dog loose arms

    I just purchased a pair of MD on eBay. While the frame is in pretty good condition, the arms are very loose, have no snap whatsoever and even sag a bit. The seller rated the frames an 8/10, which, given that issue, is incredibly generous. Oh well, cost of doing business on eBay. Is there any...
  7. Tejada

    Sold Lot Monster Dog (Beaters)

    Lot Monster Dog (Beaters) Polished black monster dog. lenses with some slight scratches, frame in good condition with ̶M̶o̶n̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶d̶o̶g̶ ̶d̶u̶c̶a̶t̶i̶.̶ ̶(̶b̶e̶a̶t̶e̶r̶)̶ ̶l̶e̶n̶s̶e̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶p̶o̶o̶r̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶d̶i̶t̶i̶o̶n̶.̶ ̶s̶c̶r̶a̶t̶c̶h̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶f̶r̶a̶m̶e̶ Monster...
  8. MinC13

    Custom monster dog lenses

    Hey all, What’s a reasonable price when purchasing custom monster dog lenses?
  9. Fernando

    Sold Monster Dog DUCATI Polished Black / Grey #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale Monster Dog Ducati polished black with black Iridium, used a few times, they are in very good condition, the lenses do not have any scratches or defect they are like new, come with a ducati box and microbag. Frame 8/10 Lenses 9/10 Box 8/10 Price: $130 for the glasses + $35...
  10. THEUSOKL19

    today's jobs

    2 monster dog white camo juliet painting TIO2
  11. BoostBear

    Trading BNIB S.I. Monster Dog for MD

    ...paging MD bandwagon connoisseurs.... paging MD bandwagon connoisseurs... BNIB S.I. Matte Black / Grey 05-015 Monster Dog I don't have any plans to "catch em all" so being complete doesn't make any difference to me, but it might for the folks that hoard boxes ;) In which case, if you've got...
  12. M

    DUCATI MONSTER DOG real or fake

    Hello, may I ask a question? I bought a DUCATI Monster DOG on Ebay. (80€) Now I am wondering if these are original? What I miss is the SKU and the name „MONSTER DOG„ on the arm. My other Monster Dogs do have „MONSTER DOG „ written on the arm..... Thanks a lot in advance. Matthias
  13. Fernando

    For Sale Monster Dog Polished Black w/ Black Iridium Polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale this precious monster dog polished black frame with black iridium polarized lenses, all is oem, I have used them two or three times, they are in perfect condition, it has no bumps or scratches, came with the white microbag. SKU: 12-804 lenses 9,8/10 frame 9,5/10 Price...
  14. BoostBear

    Buying ISO Deep/Shallow Blue Ird Polarized - X / MD

    Interested in either Shallow Blue Ird Polarized or Deep Blue Ird Polarized Angling lenses in any wearable condition, for either X or MD. I wouldn't mind a complete pair but just the lenses work - or lens set from another model that can be used as donor for MD or X. Looks for thank.
  15. RiggerBill

    Buying Custom and OEM MoNsTeR DoGs!!! Whatcha Got?!?

    Looking to buy Customs and OEM Monster Dogs...What'cha Got (don't tell my wife...she thinks I quit!). Thanks!
  16. Fernando

    Sold Monster Dog Crystal Black w/ Black Iridium #SOLD

    Helll OF for sale this monster dog crystal black with black iridium lenses, the frame has some signs of wear but the lenses are very good, the left temple icon is missing, it is a good piece to customize, came with microbag. Frame 8,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Price $95 allin #SOLD ( or best offer)...
  17. elsouler

    Sold DUCATI Monster Dog

    Used Ducati Monster Dog. Some scratches on the frame (showed in the pictures) and the lenses show some delamination and a hairline scratch on the right lens, these details won't affect the vision. Only Microfiber bag included. I tried to show the imperfections in the pictures, please check...
  18. Tejada

    Sold Monster Dog (Beater)

    Beater Monster Dog Please if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 60 Free shipping Pay by Paypal
  19. Tejada

    Sold Monster Dog Matte Black

    Monster Dog Matte Black Frame in very good condition, loss of paint on a logo, striped lenses 6.5 / 10 Please if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 105 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  20. Tejada

    Sold Monster Dog Brown Fade (Beater)

    Monster Dog Brown Fade (Beater) Frame with delamination in different parts. Scratched lenses (to see photos) Please if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 130 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  21. Tejada

    Sold Frames Monster dog

    Frames Monster dog The frames are in good condition, without bumps, lost paint. firm stems. Ducati lenses in good condition 8.5/10 Lot price $ 230 Free shipping Pay by Paypal
  22. Fernando

    Sold Monster Dog Fluoro Camo White / Green / Charcoal / Grey #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale other gem Monster Dog Fluoro Camo White / Green / Charcoal / Grey, under conditions such as new, unused, was exposed for a while and the rest has been sleeping, came withmicrobag only. Frame 9,9/10 Lens 9,9/10 Price $280 #SOLD allin or best offer - Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
  23. Tejada

    Sold Monster Dog

    Monster Dog Crystal Black Frame in good condition No bumps or lost paint. lenses with some slight scratches 8.0 / 10 (to see photos) Monster Dog Ducati Frame in good condition No bumps or lost paint. lenses with some slight scratches 8.5 / 10 (to see photos) Please, if you have any questions...
  24. DaysOfNoah

    Trading Beater Monster Dog w/extra lenses

    Matte black Monster Dog. Beater. I’m the second owner - had thought to repaint it, but I don’t have time. Wear & Scratches by ears, on earstems. One icon is blue. One icon is silver, with some scuffs. ?!? Ice Lenses (installed) are awesome, but a noticeable scuff on right lens (when...
  25. Tejada

    Sold Lot Monster Dog Tribal, Bronw Fade, Night Camo, Tortoise

    Lot Monster Dog Tribal framework in good condition. Loss of light paint in some areas. Bronw Fade frame in good condition, paint in good condition with some slight delaminations in the stems. Lenses with some scratches 7/10 Bronw Tortoise frame in excellent condition. Lenses with some slight...
  26. Fernando

    Sold Monster dog cristal black “FRAME ONLY”

    Hello OFamily for sale this used monster dog cristal black frame in good condition, good set for make a custom or for wear, If you want them to personalize, I can send them directly to the artist that you indicate, rated 8,5/10 don’t have nothing broken and the icons still very good. SKU...
  27. Fernando

    Sold BNIB Monster Dog Brown Tortoise w/ Bronze

    Helll OF for sale one more complete and new monster dog this time The Brown Tortoise with Bronze lenses, came complete with box papers and bag, don’t have defect frame or lenses, the condition is perfect, It is very difficult to see the real color with the light of the showcase but to the light...
  28. Fernando

    For Sale Monster Dog Pearl w/ Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale my lovely and sexy monster dog pearl with black iridium lenses, is used but with much love, the lenses are perfect, the frame is in good condition without bumps or scratches, came with the bag only, this combination is not very common to see. SKU: 05-029 Frame 9,5/10 Lenses...
  29. Fernando

    Sold BNIB Monster Dog Whiskey / Bronze

    Hello OFamily for sale this BNiB monster dog Whiskey / With Bronze lenses, is new and complete, with the mf-bag, papers and box, don’t have used and never displayed only open to take the pics. SKU: 05-025 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Price $200 allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and...
  30. SouLFuLFroG

    Sold Monsterdog custom

    Hello hello. Up for sale is a freshly done custom Dog. The lenses that came with the frame are black but arent perfect so I didnt install them.. i figured someone who buys this may have another option in mind anyway. I'd rate the lenses around a 6. Useable but could be better. Frame is now new...