1. OakleyRyan9250

    Buying Watches & Glasses

    Whats - everyone! I'm looking for a few watches and a couple eyewear! Here are the watches I'm interested in buying: - Kill Switch (Stealth) - FMJ watch (if possible) - Double Tap metal wrist band - Gearbox (auto preferred, carbon, or black/red) - Hollowpoint There are only a couple...
  2. Tejada

    Sold (Lot 5 Beaters.) Foose Gascan, Monster Dog, Monster Pup, Darboard, Gascan Clear

    Lot 5 Beaters. Gascan Foose SKU: 12-774 Darboard Night Camo SKU: 05-111 SOLD Monster Pup SKU: 12-886 SOLD Gascan Clear SKU: 125 Monster Dog SKU: 05-013 SOLD Price $ 245 OBO Free Shipping In The United States Pay by Paypal
  3. Squared-Ojunkie

    Monster Dog's, Monster Pup's or Straight Jacket's?

    Can someone tell me what model these are? I am unsure whether they are Monster Dog's, Monster Pups or Straight Jackets?