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    Sold Beautiful Monster Dog Crystal Black

    Hey Oakley friends. Somehow I managed to buy two of these. Can anyone relate? The wife and I had a talk and well... these are for sale. Fully compatible with Stems In or Out! 😆 Price $130 $125 $120 shipped continental US, international shipping a bit more. Frame: 9/10 I occasionally wear...
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    For Sale OEM Monster Dog lenses - Bronze - lightly used

    Hey OF. I have a pair of genuine Oakley Monster Dog lenses in great condition. Either VR28 or Bronze, I’m not sure which. These have been sitting in storage for some time. Condition: 8/10 Zero visible marks when wearing, but I was able to capture a few small cleaning marks/spots in the the...
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    Sold Beautiful Monster Dog Clear

    Monster Dog Cleared w/Gold Iridium (or are they Bronze lenses?) Hey Oakley friends. I made a deal with my wife that I would sell this pair in exchange for another purchase. What a tough decision to make!! I love this one. But I hope one of you will greatly enjoy it. Sorry for not hooking...
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    Sold Brand New Monster Dog Dark Translucent Olive (the one MonsterDog to rule them all)

    *Price drop* Up for sale is a brand new Oakley Monster Dog, in Dark Translucent Olive. I bought this some time ago from my good friend @Tejada I like it, but for financial reasons it's time to sell and recoup what I invested. I opened it to take photos. * Frame Condition: 10/10 Mint Brand...
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    Trading Monsterdog for Two Hollowpoint links

    Listing my Crystal Black Monsterdog w/Black Iridium lens and silver icons in hopes to find one medium size link and one small link for my Hollowpoint. The glasses are used but in overall good shape. Just a few light scratches in the lenses. Frames do show a bit of wear, but aren’t bad. Oakley...
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    Sold LNIB Monster Dog - Ducati, complete set

    Hi all, Here is a Like New In Box Monster Dog Ducati for sale. It is in a complete set. Mint condition all around. 170$ shipped. Thank you for considering.
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    For Sale Tribal Monsterdog (rare)

    This is your chance to own one of the rarest of monsterdogs the tribal ! SOLD plus shipping (20$ worldwide) Frame is in great condition with minor flaws 9/10. Lenses have light marks 8/10. Includes glasses and mf bag only. Message me with any questions. Thanks for checking!