1. U

    For Sale New Fives Squared Polished Black / Fire Iridium MotoGP

    Hello OF for sale this 4+1 New Fives Squared Polished Black / Fire Iridium MotoGP edition , hardly used, but the right lens, the internal part at the top left, are a little peeled, I point it out in the photos, it does not disturb the vision and they do not have scratches, the frame and logos...
  2. U

    For Sale Thinning the Herd - Batwolf, Turbine, Style Switch, Holbrook

    Hey guys! It's time for me to thin out the collection a little bit more so I've got a few pairs up for sale. Turbine MotoGP 9263-15 - Matte Black with Jade Iridium Lens: $100 LNIB - Tried on and displayed only. Album Batwolf - Matte Black (9101-11) with VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Lens...
  3. SolarOracle


    Holbrook Matte Grey Camo w/ Jade Prizm lens Only 200 made.. A tribute to the acclaimed tracks of the world’s premier motorcycling championship
  4. The_Darkone

    Oakley MotoGP craziness

    Craziness Oakley has released another MotoGP limited 100 pairs for Spielberg. Are they going to do one for every track? Oakley Sliver™ XL PRIZM™ Spielberg MotoGP™ Limited Edition MATTE BLACK, Prizm Sapphire | Oakley US Store
  5. BakedTater

    Flak 2.0 & Moto GP Antix

    On the bay last night, seen a pair of Flak 2.0 pol black with BIP with box and hard case. Seller shipped today, and on eBay once again today, seen a pair of the Moto GP Antix. Actually quite surprised that I won that auction. Antix isn't really a frame that I wear, but, I might actually get a...
  6. Oakleynerd

    Carbon Prime MotoGP ordered / received / got canceled / looking for one

    i'm not sure, if we really want to know that by the end of the day but what would you think about a list with these options. maybe every member who is in that game could say at which status his order is?! in a couple days we will see how many exist ;) ORDERED / RECEIVED / GOT CANCELED /...
  7. U

    Sold Scalpel polished black w/ fire iridium MotoGP LTD signature series SKU: OO9095-19 #SOLD

    Condition: Mint SKU: OO9095-19 Lenses 9,5/10 Frame 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,8/10 Hello all for sale awesome scalpel motogp signature, came with mf-bag only, don't have scrachers the frame or lenses, is used but in very good condition. Price: $150 $140 Allin, Paypals g&s, shipping with...
  8. U

    Buying Looking for MotoGP Deviation

    Hi I'm looking for a pair of MotoGP Deviation if anyone has a pair that they are prepared to sell
  9. U

    Sold **Weekend Drop***NWOB MotoGP Turbine w/ Jade Iridium lenses

    Selling a pair of Moto GP Turbine glasses. Comes with glasses and original microbag, can't find the box. Asking $90 OBO PayPal G&S. See picts below. Never worn but since displayed I would say 9.5/10 but I really can't find any marks :)
  10. BAPD77

    New Release.....Oakley MOTO GP Batwolf!

    I got these today and am very pleased with them. I might see how an ice iridium lens looks in these too. Anyhow, I like how both icons are blue, one is the Moto GP blue, the other is really cool with a number and star...some type of motogp symbol: