1. S

    Toretto sunglasses in this scene

    Hi i hope you cant help me find this sunglasses from this scene in the first movie
  2. The_Darkone

    Who saw Transformers: The Last Knight tonight?

    I did :cool:
  3. Foldupcup

    Signed Transformers Holbrook by Titus Welliver!

    Just met Titus Welliver in the Santa Monica oakley store and got him to sign a pair of the Holbrooks his character James Savoy wore in Transformers age of extinction!!! So awesome!!!
  4. Arron1980

    The Book of Eli

    Hi everyone, just after some expert input. I've seen The Book of Eli loads of times but struggle to know what his sunglasses are. They may not be Oakley but they sit real cool on Denzel. Anyone know what they are? The Crosshairs and Tailhooks look close but I don't think they are it. Maybe...