mumbo m frame

  1. U

    Buying M frame Blue Iridium Lens

    I am looking for m frame blue Iridium lens, specially heater lens. If anyone has one for sell, please send me a message.
  2. S

    67 or Old Hybrid (M frame/Mumbo)

    Is this lens Mumbo 67 or old hybrid lens?
  3. U

    For Sale Mumbo purple 100$ !! Frame only glued open usable! Needs lens ect..Cheap project!!

    frame is still functional or can be displayed with a new set of your own lenses. One hinge was completely broken so I glued it in the open position and doesn’t move anymore. Looks good and even, would make a great project Or as a stand-alone piece. Asking 90 plus shipping 20$ Thanks for...
  4. U

    For Sale First gen mumbo splatter purple/blue iridium sweep

    For sale a near 30year old vintage frame and near perfect sweep lense. Very rare and In great shape! Has a big defect on Left hinge broke, it’s now glued in open position and doesn’t move. The paint looks gorgeous except for glued spot and lenses look almost brand new with minor cleaning mark...
  5. loganre17

    What Are These M Frames?

    Picked these up today and know nothing about them. Anyone have insight on what exact model these M Frames are? The frames do have some cracks in them, any ways I could fix them as best as possible?