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    Buying  New Eye Jackets

    still looking to round off the NEJ new eye jacket collection electric mustard pearl white black iridium fmj black iridium can buy or may have trades
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    Buying  New Eye Jacket Electric Mustard

    as title states looking for nej new eye jacket electric mustard black iridium thanks =]
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    Buying  RED New Eye Jacket - Redline / FMJ Red

    as title states - looking for NEJ new eye jackets in red - redline gold iridium [preferred] - fmj red black iridium thanks
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    Buying  New Eye Jacket [1999] in funky colors [Redline][Pearl][Mustard][Joker]

    looking for new eye jackets [curved hinge] in any neat colors - redline pearl white electric mustard joker
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    Sold  New OEM Eye Jacket Lenses - NOS Gold Iridium

    I have multiple sets of brand new, never mounted/used OEM Gold Iridium Eye Jacket lenses (NOS). These will fit both Eye Jacket and New Eye Jacket frames. $75 $70 $65 $60 + $5 shipping per set within CONUS. If outside CONUS, please send a pm for shipping prices.
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    For Sale  New Eye Jacket Carmel / VR50

    Hello OF for sale this New Eye Jacket Carmel / VR50 lenses in like new condition, comes complete with box, papers and bag. SKU: 04-303 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $140 allin OBO ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance ). Thanks for look.
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket Pearl / Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this complete and mint new eye jacket pearl frame with black iridium lenses, all is oem. SKU: 04-308 Frame 09/10 Lenses 09/10 Rubbers 09/10 Box 09/10 Price: $100 for the glasses +$35 for the fees and shipping. $135 allin #SOLD in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking...
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    Sold  O-Matter Parts

    O-Matter Parts Minute, Xx, New eye Jacket, New straight Jacket. Price $ 40 Fives and Ten $ 30 Full frames $ 55 (armed with different colored parts) Shipping included to the United States Pay by Paypal If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you...
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    Sold  O-Matter

    O-Matter All frames are brand new, without any blemishes. Only the frames are sold, without the lenses or microfiber bag. New Eye jacket FMJ 5.56 mm 3 $100 New Eye jacket FMJ 9mm 6 $100 New Eye jacket Black Gold 2 $95 New Eye Jacket Moss 1 $90 New Straight Jacket Jet Black - Orange Flames $100...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket (Black / Cobalt)

    New Eye Jacket Black Frame and rubber excellent condition. The lenses are in very bad condition Price Sold New Eye Jacket Cobalt Frame in good condition, some normal wear and tear, rubber in good condition. the lenses are in very bad condition. Price Sold If you have any questions or need more...
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    Sold  Eye Jacket, New Carmel w/ VR50

    Hello Of for sale this Eye Jacket, New Carmel frames with vr50 black iridium lenses, number 149, in like new condition I never used it only displayed, came complete, with box papers and bag, the frame and lenses don’t have scrachers or defect. Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price...
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    Sold  Brad new - New Eye Jacket black gold with gold lenses

    Hello OF for sale brad new New Eye Jacket black gold frame plus used lenses, I kept it for later to put some violet lenses but in the end I will not use it, it is new and it has no defects SKU: 04-302 Price $100 allin ( included shipping with tracking and total insurance and the PayPal...
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    For Sale  FMJ New Eye Jacket bundle

    Hi guys, Selling 2 pairs of New Eye Jackets. FMJ 45/Black Iridium: Logo and icons have wear as seen in the photos. Lenses are good 9/10 Complete with box and papers. Plus A lighter FMJ pair that I think are 7.62 (though they don’t appear on O-review). Could be another FMJ 45. Excellent...
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    For Sale  Eye jacket & New Eye Jacket cobalt w/ +red Iridium

    Hello OF here a set of eye jacket and New eye jacket cobalt with +red lenses for sale, I used many times but with much love soo the condition is very good, I give many love to this frames, I rated both in 9/10 in general, the frames and lenses don’t have scrachers lenses have little cleaning...
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    Sold  New eye jacket full metal fmj+5.56 w/ black Iridium SKU: 04-307

    hello again :) for sale a new eye jacket full metal fmj 5.56 with black Iridium lenses, the frame and the lenses in very good condition very low used, the left lenses have a little scratch, no affect the vision for my, see the pics, all is original, came with mf-bag and the box...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket joker w/ gold iridium SKU: 04-311 #SOLD

    Hello all I want sell other one of my new eye jackets, joker frame with gold iridium lenses, don't have use, only exposed in my tower, all is perfect, the lenses and frame don't have any defect, came with bag. Description: NEW SKU: 04-311 Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Price $140...
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    Sold  New eye jacket Black w/ Persimmon Iridium

    hello again :) this awesome eye jacket looking for new home, black fame with persimmon Iridium lenses and orange icons, is new never use and don't have defect or marks frame or lenses, came with bag only, all is oem. Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Price $140 $135 PayPal g&s...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket cobalt w/ +red iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome vintage new eye jacket cobalt with +red iridium lenses, only wear two or three times, l news have very cleaning mark and no affect the vision, came with bag only. Description: SKU: 04-304 Lenses 9,7/10 Frame 9,7/10 Rubbers 9,7/10 Price $140...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket Custom Ti02 B&W $100

    Hello all for sale bnobwd new eye jacket I put the frame for sale without lenses a few weeks ago, you can read the details in this link Found this spare set of black iridium lendes oem in one of the drawers of the...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket Custom Ti02 Black and white - $80

    Hello all I have this new eye jacket custom ti02 black and white frame, never used, the frame no is 10 for the little defect in the paint in the logo of the front see pics, ever in the tower and I decided to sell to any can enjoy it, is time to give better times and love to this awesome frame...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm w/ Black iridium - $130 #SOLD

    Hello all I have this warranty frame of new eye jacket FMj 45 mm still in the original plastic, and I have spare of oem black Iridium lenses, never mount, only exposed in the tower don't have scratchers or defect, both are new. I value the frame in 50 and lenses in other 50 more 30 for cover...
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    Sold  Eye jackets pack " 8 frames " #SOLD

    hello all for sale my eye jacket used collection is in mint condition, 8 frames, 4 eye jackets and 4 new eye jackets, the lenses is used but still good for wear. Condition: used-Mint Eye jackets New eye jackets Price: $400 all in. Payment in PayPal g&s, shipping included with...
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    Sold  Eye Jacket bundle - 120 $ - Box added

    Hi guys, I'm selling 2 frames - Eye Jacket Cheetah/Gold & New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm (gunmetal) + extra lenses. Both frames are spotless all around - but the Cheetah frame has probably had one of the arms replaced, as it is a slightly different color tone. Cheetah Gold lenses have signs of wear -...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket Midnight w/ 24k Gold Iridium SKU: 04-315 #SOLD

    Hi all... For sale This bnew New Eye Jacket Midnight w/ 24k Gold Iridium, dont Have The box only came with mf-bag. SKU: 04-315 Price 130 Allin g&s in paypal Thanks For look.
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    For Sale  Bn New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm "only frame" $100

    hello family For sale This time a Brand New, New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm, frame only, it has the original plastic. SKU: 04-306 Price $100usd g&s paypal Shipped. Thanks For look.
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    For Sale  More, more and more... 17 frames for sale.

    Hello family, I need to make space in the room for new purchases, I put on sale a part of my collection, bnib and bnob, price in g&s in paypal, shipping included. BNIB: 1) New Eye Jacket Electric Mustard w/ Black Iridium - sku#04-305 - $160 #SOLD 2) New Eye Jacket Pearl w/ Black Iridium -...
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    Sold  Bn New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm frame complete only, $100 #SOLD

    hi All For sale This brad New frame only of New Eye Jacket FMJ 45 mm i can't say nothing more, came with The original plástic from Oakley. Price #SOLD 100 g&s paypal shipping included. Thanks For look.
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    Sold  BNIB New Eye Jacket Carmel w/ vr50 & Joker w/ Gold Iridium & Red line w/ Gold Iridium #SOLD

    hello O-family For sale other set OF BNIB New Eye Jacket this time Carmel with vr50, Joker with Gold Iridium and red line with Gold Iridium, frames are New came with original box, papers and bag Carmel w/ vr50 #SOLD SKU: 04-303 Date: 1999-2000 Joker w/ Gold Iridium #SOLD SKU: 04-311 Date...
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    Sold  BNIB New Eye Jacket electric mustard w/ Black Iridium & Redline w/ Gold Iridium #SOLD

    Hello family For sale BNIB New Eye jackets electric mustard 1999 with Black Iridium and Redline with Gold Iridium lenses, 2 frames are New came with original box, papers and bag Price #SOLD 160 each shipped with tracking Number and insurance included Thanks for look 1) Electric Mustard (1999)...