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  1. Gunn

    Old Sub Zeros - RELOADED!

    Did someone said "if I could turn back the time"? :D Looking forward to that what's coming...
  2. U

    Sold  New Release Display sign

    selling a set of new release display signs. I'm out of room in my case so have to get rid of some things. Asking $30 USD for the set. PayPal G&S and First Class Shipping I used in the price. No trades or international.
  3. oakleybezerk

    Rio 2016 Olympics - Oakley Release

    Some of you may have already seen the handful of pairs that are specifically coming out for the Summer Olympics set to kick off in Rio at the start of August 2016, but it would appear there are more: Sliver Chainlink Flak 2.0 XL Holbrook Crosslink Pitch Here's what you may not have...
  4. M

    Oakley EV ZERO

    Oakley is releasing new EV Zero Sunglasses as part of their Golf Collection! Found this here: THE 2016 OAKLEY GOLF COLLECTION Pictured Below: Oakley EV Zero Path Matte Grey w/ Prizm Golf Lenses
  5. joscejrod

    Have you ever tried a frame of other brand that was so good that it should be made by oakley?

    Any frame??
  6. joscejrod

    Poll- X-Metal Collection 2015

    No more xmetal collection frames expected this year.
  7. joscejrod

    Ferrari Edition Tincan Carbon and Tinfoil Carbon

    In March, Oakley is going to release Ferrari version of that frames. I can't understand why oakley has chosen fire iridium (non polarized) for tincans and black iridium polarized for tinfoils (the same that badmans,madmans...)
  8. Shade Station

    Madman & Badman Competition WIN a 4 day trip to California for you and a friend and visit Oakley HQ!

    The lucky winners will travel around July/August to the U.S to Oakley HQ Foothill Range California. On this 4 day trip you will be visiting Oakley HQ where you will meet and greet with the Oakley employee that builds the X Metal pieces Madman and Badman. As well as a guided tour through the...
  9. joscejrod

    Oakey Second Release - r2 - 2015?

    anyone knows when is the oakley's second release of 2015? Any news of possible new models? Thanks!
  10. Jackson32

    Upcoming unknown release

    Called Oakley today to see if I could get any information on replacement lenses for Medusa and the rep whom I spoke to was shock and amazed I had called about the Medusa. Said it wasn't something that he gets everyday. Anyways while he was researching for me the topic came about of Oakley...
  11. D

    Oakley Release News & Model Updates

    Hi Everyone, Are there any recommended websites or ways of finding out what Oakley is due to release, especially in regards limited edition models. In the UK we do not always see things come through the UK Oakley site so wondering if there were any good suggestions in keeping up to date. I...
  12. O

    Q1 Oakley Release Date?

    As the title says, is there a date for the first quarter release of the new stuff...looking forward to seeing the new line up
  13. FrogTastic

    Frogskins Releases

    I'm surprised no one has created a frogskin release thread. Anyway, odysseybmx got 50 up for grabs that Toast.
  14. Sunglass Shack

    Wow, Found First Site With Complete 2nd Release (R2) For 2014.

    So, since I only get a "hot sheet" with names, styles, skus and just 1 picture I hit the web looking for sites with all of the colors so I can get a better idea what to preorder that will sell good. Pretty much nobody had the 2nd release stuff out yet (which they should wait until Oakley...
  15. Shade Station

    New Releases 2014! (First Collection)

    Hi Guys, We now have all the information for this years Oakley R1 Releases. New frames include: Square Wire, Valve, M2 Frame, Quarter Jacket. Ladies Styles include: Break up, Dispute, Feedback, RPM. Please see the link below for images and prices. Oakley Sunglasses | Oakley Eyewear - Shade...
  16. Dyeraudio

    Oakley 2014 New Releases

    Not sure if there is already a thread on this....grabbed these shots from O Review..... Carabiner $100 Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Keychain Eyelet Money Clip $50 Stainless Steel Halifax Wallet $45 Holds iPhone Leather 3 Card Slots Dark Red, Black & Navy Motion Passport Case $50...
  17. cmebulldog

    2014 Releases

    I was researching on O-Review (as I tend to do all of the time) and noticed some new Fuel Cells for Golf (Black w/G30) and Angling (Woodland Camo w/shallow blue polarized) for Feb and April releases respectively. Gotta say, if they (OReview) are usually spot-on with this info, I'm psyched.... Is...
  18. Bosoxyacht

    30th Anniversary Oakley Releases

    Has anyone posted or seen photos of the 30th anniversary releases(due out in Spring of 2014)? I've heard that Oakley will be re-releasing Eyeshades, Razor Blades, and a new version of the M-Frame(possibly called the M2). If you have any photos, please post them here.
  19. amp

    Rumor: New X-Metal

    I asked for any X-Metals available at an official Oakley store, a Carbon-Black Iridium were the only ones. The rep told me that a new re-engineered X-Metal material will be available soon. Wonder if the quality will match or exceed after the Luxottica merge, which always disliked and affected...
  20. Shade Station

    April 2013 Releases - Overview, Spec And Images! | Shade Station

    So we finally have comprehensive information on all of the new Oakley styles, colours and signature ranges due for release in April 2013 (Videos coming soon). Below I have included a link to our recent Style Blog entry and also some individual pages for specific styles: Outstanding Oakley...
  21. Batwolf

    Garage Rock - New Release, Rumor And Discussion Thread

    Like em, hate em or can't live with out them, either way the Garage Rock is the future. I want to use this thread as discussion about the Garage Rock, new releases, rumors and general discussion. Here are the signature/special edition Garage Rock's that have come out so far (or will be...
  22. subysti2007

    New Oakley X-Metal Sunglasses Coming?

    I went to vault today and was talking to the sales guy and he told me that they received news from oakley HQ that they will stop producing all current x-metals and making "new" ones by 2013. According to him, oakley will close the x-metal plant but has a big plan for the x-metal product line for...
  23. FearGearGarage

    NEW RELEASE NEWS, Pass Along The Info To Our Members HERE...

    I am hoping that this thread will find the attention of a few Oakley insiders or web crawlers like myself so that in the future we can share information on NEW RELEASES or sites still selling sold out or hard to find items. I recently missed out on the Atmos release due to lack of information...