new releases

  1. The_Darkone

    R3 Drop Pictures

    Here ya go @QLR1 just for you
  2. joscejrod

    Have you ever tried a frame of other brand that was so good that it should be made by oakley?

    Any frame??
  3. joscejrod

    Poll- X-Metal Collection 2015

    No more xmetal collection frames expected this year.
  4. Shade Station

    Madman & Badman Competition WIN a 4 day trip to California for you and a friend and visit Oakley HQ!

    The lucky winners will travel around July/August to the U.S to Oakley HQ Foothill Range California. On this 4 day trip you will be visiting Oakley HQ where you will meet and greet with the Oakley employee that builds the X Metal pieces Madman and Badman. As well as a guided tour through the...