new straight jacket 2

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    Buying  WTB: NSJ2 Fire Lenses (2007-era Straight Jacket lenses)

    Also open to doing some custom cutting, I'm not sure what good donor lenses would be. Looking for new or mint Oakley Fire lenses for New Straight Jacket II. They can be polarized or non-polarized. Glad to buy or else I could trade some BNIB Ice lenses. Frame photo I need lenses for this:
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    Sold  $60 New Straight Jacket II Matte Rootbeer (2007)

    New Straight Jacket II (Straight Jacket 2.0) The frame is matte rootbeer. SKU 12-936 The frame is gorgeous. My photos don't do it justice. I have two of these, so selling one. Frame: 8/10 (would be near perfect, but it needs some light cleaning) Icons: 8/10 (small mark on right icon) Rubber...
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    Sold  New Straight Jacket II Polished BIP

    NSJ II Polished Black. Some light scratches here and there. Nothing deep. A couple small marks on the lenses that won’t effect vision. Hinges still snappy. $55 PayPal G&S shipped, CONUS
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    Buying  WTB: Straight Jacket 2.0 Dark Gray + Silver + Pearl (2007 era)

    Hey friends. I can replace lenses and rubber, but I'd like the frame in very good condition. Buying the following: Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Dark Gray Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Pearl: Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Silver-FMJ Please keep your eyes open friends.... @zcrxsi @scrodo...
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    Sold  New Straight Jacket II Jet Black / Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this New Straight Jacket II Jet Black Frame with Black Iridium lenses, with very little used, the frame has any signs of wear, the lenses are perfect without scratches, the rubbers are still in perfect condition, comes with microbag. SKU: 04-325 frame 8,5/10 Lenses 9/10...