1. Mamabear

    Want to buy Oakley for hubby for Xmas-need advice

    Hello, I want to gift my husband with a pair of Oakleys, and need help deciding. Specifically, I am wanting to pick the right model given that he plays basketball indoor & outdoor, as well as Ultimate outdoors, mostly day time, but sometimes with artificial light at night. They would double as...
  2. Red_rider134

    Whats up from California!

    Still young and dumb and currently in a deadzone between my last pair of holbrook lx (which were stolen) and my new pair of alpine frogskins (which i will post a pic when they arrive, which isnt soon enough)
  3. iluvmyx

    How a female got hooked on xmetal

    Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted my intro sooner. My name is Vanessa. I've been hooked on Juliets for roughly 12/13 years. How did this come to be? To shorten a crazy story.. I took them in the divorce! My ex bought himself Romeo, Penny and Juliets. I remember the day I found them and saw the...
  4. Ethan Pang

    Hello, New to the Forum

    Hi Everyone, My names Ethan, I've been an Oakley fan for quite some time now. I'm from Seattle, Washington, and I have about 15 pairs of Oakley's so far, currently I'm trying to find some Oakley 2-3 tier frame displays to organize my display case.
  5. yajson

    Oakley Newbie

    Hi I'm a new member who hasn't owned a pair of oakley yet(I know, its sad), hoping to buy my first pair in a few months.. Deciding between gascans, crankshaft or fuel cells.. Hoping to know more about Oakleys here.