1. Gunn

    For Sale Oakley Mag M-Frame Dark Carbide w/ Black Iridium Hybrid S | NOS unused boxed

    I'm selling a new in box Mag M-Frame on behalf of a friend of mine. This pair was never worn and even not displayed. It was just stored in a drawer right after it was bought a couple of years ago. The only thing I could critisize is some sort of white dust from contact corrossion on one of the...
  2. PitBoss

    Buying Oakley BIG TACO/SPLIT JACKET Ice Iridium/Ice Iridium Polarized (10/10 condition)

    Just as the title describes I'm looking for Big Taco NIB Ice Iridium or Ice Iridium Polarized Split Jacket Ice Iridium/Ice Iridium Polarized Has to be unused/condition 10/10 Hit me up if you got it. Thanks
  3. Oakley dork

    For Sale A flippers dream

    Twenty 4.0 03 tier risers brand-new in the box all for $250..... these can easily be sold for $25 apiece....or I know there's a few people with collections big enough to just redo all their stands
  4. 702baby

    For Sale Carbon Carabiners

    Got 2 carbon Carabiners for sale, new and complete. $250 each shipped paypal gifted or add the 4% for fees. No trades.
  5. Gunn

    Sold Oakley X-Squared X-Metal w/ Ruby Iridium NIB price reduced

    For sale is a new in box X-Squared in X-Metal Color with Ruby Iridium lenses. Never worn, just stored. Asking 750$ (shipping worldwide included) Payment through PayPal familiy&friends
  6. T

    Buying Searching for Jordan Mars NIB, C SIX Carbon and Aluminum

    I am looking for the Jordan Mars, C Six Carbon and Aluminum all must be NIB .. lower the edition the more I am willing to pay. I want my unicorn .. Thanks so much,