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    For Sale Oil Rig Nicky Hayden

    Selling this beauty. Oil Rig Nicky Hayden signature Serie. No box. Only Sunglasses and microbag. Used but not abused, good shape. Some lines and slight scratches, but still usable as it is. $250 shipped
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    Sold Ducati Corse Dispatch II Matte Black / Ruby Iridium - Nicky Hayden Edition

    Hello OFamily I have decided to sell this beauty, discontinued for a long time, it is new without use, it has no defects, is perfect, a special edition Nicky Hayden, very rare to see these days and more in this condition, a special piece for lovers of the Ducati Corse series, it comes complete...
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    Sold Ducati Jupiter, Hayden Oil Rig, Pit Boss 2

    Selling some O-Matter Ducati Jupiter - Box has creases, shiny spot on inner left ear stem, small blemish on left lens near Ducati Etching. Glasses, Ducati Microfiber bag, and box. $old Nicky Hayden Oil Rig 1 - Beater frame. Scratches on frame and lenses. Glasses and Nicky Hayden Microfiber...
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    Found Nicky Hayden Ducati Holbrook 9102-14

    Looking to buy 9102-14 Nicky Hayden Ducati Holbrook. Thank You!
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    Buying Nicky Hayden Holbrook and flat black oil drum

    Hi i want to get a pair of the Nicky Hayden Holbrooks Woul altso like to find a black oil drum or a good frame to customize. Oil drum lenses. Can buy or do a trade. Please pm me with what you have.
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    For Sale Selling my oil rigs

    Selling my beloved Oil Rigs signature Series: Nicky Hayden: only with bag. Lenses and frame 8/10, a few stains on the bag. Usd $SOLD T-pain gen1: complete in box, frame 10/10, lenses 9/10. Usd $250 shipped T-pain gen2: complete in box, frame 9/10 (a bit lose), lenses 9/10. Usd $250 shipped
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    For Sale PRICE EDITED: Ducati x3 (inmate, Holbrook, Fives)

    Fives Squared Ducati Frame and lenses 10/10 New, no box. Was $230 shipped, now $180 Holbrook Nicky Hayden signature series Frame 10/10 Lenses 9/10 (light cleaning lines) Complete in box Was $230 shipped, now SOLD! Inmate Ducati New in box Frame and lenses 10/10 Was $330 shipped, now 300...
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    Found Oil rig signature series Nicky Hayden

    I'm looking for a pair of Nicky Hayden Oil Rig. Must be in good shape and the price must be good too ;). I don't really care if it isn't boxed, but I do want it to come with the Microfiber pouch.