nicky hayden

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    Sold Ducati Corse Dispatch II Matte Black / Ruby Iridium - Nicky Hayden Edition

    Hello OFamily I have decided to sell this beauty, discontinued for a long time, it is new without use, it has no defects, is perfect, a special edition Nicky Hayden, very rare to see these days and more in this condition, a special piece for lovers of the Ducati Corse series, it comes complete...
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    Sold Ducati Jupiter, Hayden Oil Rig, Pit Boss 2

    Selling some O-Matter Ducati Jupiter - Box has creases, shiny spot on inner left ear stem, small blemish on left lens near Ducati Etching. Glasses, Ducati Microfiber bag, and box. $old Nicky Hayden Oil Rig 1 - Beater frame. Scratches on frame and lenses. Glasses and Nicky Hayden Microfiber...
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    Found Nicky Hayden Ducati Holbrook 9102-14

    Looking to buy 9102-14 Nicky Hayden Ducati Holbrook. Thank You!
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    Buying Nicky Hayden Holbrook and flat black oil drum

    Hi i want to get a pair of the Nicky Hayden Holbrooks Woul altso like to find a black oil drum or a good frame to customize. Oil drum lenses. Can buy or do a trade. Please pm me with what you have.
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    For Sale Selling my oil rigs

    Selling my beloved Oil Rigs signature Series: Nicky Hayden: only with bag. Lenses and frame 8/10, a few stains on the bag. Usd $SOLD T-pain gen1: complete in box, frame 10/10, lenses 9/10. Usd $250 shipped T-pain gen2: complete in box, frame 9/10 (a bit lose), lenses 9/10. Usd $250 shipped
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    For Sale PRICE EDITED: Ducati x3 (inmate, Holbrook, Fives)

    Fives Squared Ducati Frame and lenses 10/10 New, no box. Was $230 shipped, now $180 Holbrook Nicky Hayden signature series Frame 10/10 Lenses 9/10 (light cleaning lines) Complete in box Was $230 shipped, now SOLD! Inmate Ducati New in box Frame and lenses 10/10 Was $330 shipped, now 300...
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    Found Oil rig signature series Nicky Hayden

    I'm looking for a pair of Nicky Hayden Oil Rig. Must be in good shape and the price must be good too ;). I don't really care if it isn't boxed, but I do want it to come with the Microfiber pouch.