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    For Sale Night Camo Monster Dogs, Olive Monster dogs and others

    Have some Oakley's im interested in selling its been awhile since I've paid attention to prices so I'm open to offers. On the dogs just not sure where to start but not to much up for sale recently. Have more pics I can send of all upon request. GASCAN Flying Tiger never worn, box,pin and bag -...
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    Sold Bnib Zero L night camo w/ g30 Black

    hello all, I have 4 Of this awesome frame save in my ORoom :D I decide to sell one, is bnib never use, came complete with matching box and bag, don’t have scrachers or defect, frame rubbers and lenses perfect. SKU: 05-303 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Box 9,8/10 Price...
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    Found any or all Monster Dogs-night/snow camo, tribal, olive-thanks!

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    Were The Monster Dog White & Night Camo Models Limited?

    Were these dogs produced in limited numbers or are they just rare due to popularity? I'm sure dr.chop is the go to guy regarding this question