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    Sold GENTEI Frogskins - Night Rider - one of 100 - boxed + Pop Card

    Gentei Frogskins with box, cleaning bag and pop card - one of 100 ever made - like to be seen in the pictures - not worn, only displayed » asking 400 $ OBO incl. shipment » payment via PayPal G&S
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    Jawbreaker Photochromic lens ETA?

    Hi Oaksters, Long time listener, first time caller. I recently got the Tour de France edition Jawbreakers, and whilst they are the best cycling shades I've worn, I do most of my riding at dawn or dusk and desperately need photochromic lenses. Does anyone know when the Jawbreaker Photochromic...
  3. jiveSEVEN

    Thanks Oakleynerd!

    Finally arrived today....*happy dance* Gentei x Oakley "Night Rider" and Revert 95 both limited to 100 pieces worldwide For some reason the blue iridium in the revert are the best I have seen, much better quality than marine fade, cyan fade, and blacklight yellow. They seem to be more...