1. JamesHewlettFawcett

    Best place to buy Holbrook XL Prizm Ruby in the EU?

    Hi anyone knows a reliable place with the best price, to order this from, in the EU? It could be either the polarized or the non polarized version. BR
  2. V1P3R_Z029

    WANT TO FIND: Oakley Carbon Shift Replacement Lenses

    Hey everyone, Anybody know where I could find some replacement lenses for Oakley Carbon Shift?.. I've had mine for about 5 years now and the stock lenses are in fairly poor condition now. I cared for them pretty well and they weren't being tossed around much either. Quite surprised Oakley...
  3. U

    Buying  Want to buy: Juliet RUBY iridium (non polarized) replacement lenses

    Hello oakley community! I am looking for Oakley juliet repalcement lenses, NON polarized in ruby iridium. If not brand new, then at least 8/10 condition. Does not need the purplish hue like the early/1st generation. However I'd still like a bit of red, so if its mostly red with minor...