1. M

    Wallet Deflation

    I began my Oakley adventure back in 2018. I was earning little money, but saved up for a custom pair of Radar Evs. They were the first pair I took to Costa Rica during my vacation. It got its first scratch while cleaning with the microfiber bag. I learned later on to never do that. The next pair...
  2. larrygooseman

    My first Oakley watch... and down the rabbit hole I go!

    5 days ago I saw a copper dial Judge 1 on Mercari that I favorited but sadly it sold shortly after. At that moment, the obsession sparked and all I could think about was that weird alien-like steel bracelet! I joined this forum and was lucky enough to snag not 1... not 2... but 3 Judge 1's in...
  3. Ethan Pang

    Hello, New to the Forum

    Hi Everyone, My names Ethan, I've been an Oakley fan for quite some time now. I'm from Seattle, Washington, and I have about 15 pairs of Oakley's so far, currently I'm trying to find some Oakley 2-3 tier frame displays to organize my display case.