nose bombs

  1. U

    Buying X-Metal XX Nose Bombs

    Looking to get some OEM replacement nose bombs for my XX preferably in good condition. I also have some Ichiro rubbers to trade Thanks J
  2. Rafael Moura

    Small Flak 2.0 Nose Bombs Serve in Hatchet

    Just to share information that may interest some who, like me, had this question. I had bought it at the Mercado Livre (Brazil) for a very good price, a Hatchet Pewter, but the nose rubbers were missing. After a lot of talking with friends here at the Forum, I had some answers that "maybe"...
  3. U

    Deal Penny OEM Nose Bombs

    Loking for penny OEM nose bombs or rubber set. I know half jackets original version is a good substitute but I would rather have the real thing. Any references are appreciated! Thanks
  4. U

    Buying Eye Jacket 2.0 nose bombs

    Like the title states looking for Eye Jacket 2.0 nose bombs small or normal size, hit me up if you have any you would be willing to part with. Thanks
  5. U

    Sold REDUCED to 50$: Full romeo 2 screw and rubber set + half-x rubbers

    These screws are near impossible to find Location is Finland. Payment with paypal. includes: -screws that hold the lenses (r2) -screws that hold the frame (r2) -rootbeer nose bombs(r2), no signs of use -black nose bombs(r2), no signs of use -black ear socks (r2) -temple shocks size 15 (r2)...
  6. U

    Trading Ichiro and XS Tshox for your Juliet Ducati Tshox

    Looking for Juliet Ducati Tshox and nose bombs only I have Ichiro Blue, Emerald Ichiro, Rootbeer and XS Black and Ducati Tshox for Trade all in new condition. Looking for new ones as well Let me know what you have Thanks
  7. U

    Sold Juliet Ichiro Blue Rubber

  8. PWG

    Linegar Earsock & Nose Bomb Quality

    To the experts out there... What's the quality of these after market parts? How do they compare to the original Oakley replacement parts? I'm tired of seeing genuine parts go for $35+ for one set of earsocks for XS. However, if the quality is much better, I'd rather pay that than put crappy...
  9. R

    My Flak 2.0 Asian & Standard Fit Story!

    Hi all, I wanted to share with you the recent experience I've had buying two different pairs of Oakley Flak 2.0 within a week! Apologies for the short story, but I hope other potential buyers can take some learnings from my post for their future purchases! Let me start from the beginning...
  10. Gait Heutink

    Penny Nose bombs / pads

    Hi, I'm new at the forum and I am the owner of two Oakley X-metals (Juliet & Penny). Both are in good shape, but I lost one of the Penny nose pads. I bought one on ebay, but what's left and what's right?...... now I have two the same pads and yes I know it's very stupid :-( Anyway I'm looking...