nose pads

  1. Forrestx

    Portal X nose pads replacement

    Hi! Following my intro post, I’d like to call on the help of Oakley experts. During a round of golf today, I lost the original nose pad of my Portal X w/ Dark Golf glasses. Oakley seem not to provide spares via their customer support or replacement part portal for this model. Does anyone know...
  2. M

    XX Twenty (2012) Nose pads

    I've been stalking around here and reading for quite a while. I've found multiple mentions of the Juliet large nose pads working on the gen. 1 twenties. But is there a work around for the 2012 version? Both of mine are missing now.
  3. U

    For Sale Large Nose Pieces

    Got an abundance of larger nose pieces and I don't need any of them. Hoping they can be put to better use. $5 shipped for each. Jawbone/Racing Jackets Black = All Sold White = 2 Radar/Radarlock Grey = 5 Red = 2 Black = 17 Half Jacket 1.0 Black = 8 Golden Rod = 1 Flak Jacket 1.0 Black = 4...
  4. J

    Milestone 3.0 O Matter Nose Pad spares

    Hi all, I recently bought my first pair of Oakley prescription glasses - Milestone 3.0's - and I absolutely love them The only problem is the nose pad, which clips on rather than being permanently fixed, has popped off and i can't find it. I've looked all over the web to find a spare but...
  5. F

    Oakley penny nose rubber

    Hi! I am Filippo from Italy and I subscribe because I love the old xmetal collection. One question please, I have got a pair of Oakley penny polsi shed with black iridium and I need to replace the nose pads...I’ve got them and try to replace. the “fat part” of the nose pad goes on the top or on...
  6. U

    Buying C-six nose pieces

    I want to buy C-Six nose pieces. Can also do a trade. Please pm me if you have some and we can work something out.
  7. krpeterson93

    Mag Switch Titanium/Ice - NOSE PIECE

    HELP! IN SEARCH OF replacement nose piece for my husbands Mag Switch Titanium . HELP!
  8. U

    Buying Oakley Half X Rubbers

    Looking for a set of Oakley Half X Stem covers and nose pads please PM if anyone has a set Thanks a ton in advance Josh
  9. J

    Please Help Parts

    Hello all. Brand new member looking for some help. I have a pair of Romeo 2.0 Titanium that I have had for years. Up until this past weekend they have been in wonderful shape. Does anyone have or know where to find replacement nose pads? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  10. R

    My Flak 2.0 Asian & Standard Fit Story!

    Hi all, I wanted to share with you the recent experience I've had buying two different pairs of Oakley Flak 2.0 within a week! Apologies for the short story, but I hope other potential buyers can take some learnings from my post for their future purchases! Let me start from the beginning...
  11. Harold of the rocks

    Oakley Moon - replacement parts and options

    Hi all, I'm searching for an option to pimp my Moon. It needs new ear socks and in best case a pair of new lenses. Also, to have an additional pair of nose pads won't be wrong. I searched the web (walleva, revant, ...) for replacement solutions, but w/o any success. Could anyone help? Thx.
  12. U

    Buying Fast Jacket Asian Fit nose pads (black) - UK

    if anyone has spare asian fit nose pads (unused) for fast jacket in black laying around, please let me know. Full earsock/pad kit is overkill as I am not sure if I will prefer the fit or not. will pay £5 (inc postage) (UK based)
  13. B

    Crosshair S (original) nose pad upgrade

    Since breaking my nose a few years back in a nasty mountain biking accident, I've found my beloved Crosshairs have felt uncomfortable on one side of the nose. I got quite excited when I found out that latest versions had air filled pads, but sadly these won't fit on original frames. So I...
  14. B

    Fast Jacket larger nose pieces (black)

    Does anyone know where I might get these in uk? I don't need a full earsock/nose piece set, and wonder if anyone's had good experiences of asking retailers if they have such things "spare" in storage. There must be loads out there that just haven't been used.