1. V1P3R_Z029

    QUESTION: Is the Juliet X-Metal Ruby specifically LARGER-SIZED? Compared to other Juliets (Carbon, Plasma, 24K etc.)?

    Hi & Good day to everyone, I had a pair of Oakley Juliet X-Metal Ruby sunglasses (sold a long time ago). When I hadthem, I already owned an existing pair of Oakley Juliet Carbon Black (which were my daily-use sunglasses). I instantly noticed that there was a significant different in size...
  2. U

    Buying  Radarlock XL and Radar XL

    WTB: Radarlock XL - Complete pair incl. belonging lenses, microfiber bag and hard case. - Frame (frame only or frame including one or more lenses) - Two clear lenses - Jade Iridium lens - Photochromic lens - Yellow lens - Radarlock XL nose bridge (trade with pitch/path also possible) Radar XL -...
  3. joscejrod

    How to fix an Oakley Penny Broken Nosebridge?

    hello. Could i fix my oakley penny? The nosebridge is broken(the joins between nosebrige and frame) and one lens is scratched. Thanks!!
  4. kronin323

    Blue on X-Squared Hex Nosebridge Screws?

    Just got my first pair of XS, in new condition. I noticed around those little hex nosebridge screws a little bit of blue stuff. Have any of you seen this before? Know what it is? My first thought was thread lock, but I wouldn't think that was normally used. My second thought was that the...