1. Gotheem22

    Juliet self repair HELP

    I have all the parts/equiptment needed to tighten my Juliets i am almost done taking them apart. I am stuck on the nose piece. Any1 know or can walk me thru getting these pegs out of the nose piece. Im stuck HELP please
  2. Rhymes

    Radar fit on face...??

    I recently bought my first pair of radars and the first day I wore them everything felt perfect and I was I love. ...But now everything I put them on, I'm having a hard time getting used to the nose piece. It just won't sit right for some reason and I'm not sure if I'm trying to sit them to...
  3. Madfrog

    Buying Vintage Razorblade Nosepiece

    Looking for the vintage razorblade nosepiece unfortunately lost mines and looking to replace. Thanks
  4. B

    Crosshair S (original) nose pad upgrade

    Since breaking my nose a few years back in a nasty mountain biking accident, I've found my beloved Crosshairs have felt uncomfortable on one side of the nose. I got quite excited when I found out that latest versions had air filled pads, but sadly these won't fit on original frames. So I...
  5. D

    M frame SI 2.0 nosepiece

    Can I fit a medium or high clearance ESS nosepiece on a SI 2.0 m frame Ballistic?