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  1. U

    For Sale  Various Used/Beater Frames

    Got a few used/beater frames I'm looking to pass onto those that can use them, recondition them or strip them for parts. Prices listed are for F&F payment and shipping is $5 per pair within CONUS unless you buy more than one (in which I will combine shipping). If you have any further questions...
  2. Megahurtz

    Vintage Oakley eye jackets? Wow!

    Hi found these a my local thrift store ! I know they are authentic Oakley eye jacket but the frame style it can’t be zebra or carbon fiber ??? And is missing the print jacket and made in the USA ? These check out !!! Any help ??
  3. SpliceD

    Shelf Whore Club Members

    Original Thread: Too Many NOT TO Shelf Whore Club Members.... Since @BAPD77 isn't as active and the list needed updating since 2015, I thought I'd take on the reins and try my best to keep this updated. In an effort to keep this fair and updated, I will be continuing the original list Please...
  4. U

    For Sale  Oakley XX (Twenty) Vintage Earsock/Nosepiece Kits Black

    Hey OF crew, Came across a few of these - not sure how, but pretty happy about it! And I'm actually in town for a couple weeks to be on here and ship a few things. Excited that summer is coming to an end! These fit the Vintage Twenty's from 15+ years ago - they will NOT fit X Metal XX or the...
  5. SiRacer420

    My O Matters (now 181 strong)

    There are a couple of pieces that are still packed up that I haven't found yet but here are 107 of my O Matters. New additions start on page 4 and keep going!
  6. U

    For Sale  O-matter sale (added frames)

    1. Flak jacket $85 $70 SOLD! 2. Half-jacket 2.0 $80 $65 SOLD! 3. Canteen $85 $65 SOLD! 3. Triggerman $70 SOLD! 4. Radarlock $75 $55 SOLD!no box or case (lenses have minor marks nothing major) 5. Xx black rubbers $20 SOLD (o matter) 6. Pewter/BI hatchet $ 100 SOLD! . Frame, rubbers, hinges are...
  7. U

    Sold  475.00 Pit Boss 1 - 03-303 - Matte Black -OEM lens LNIB CONUS

    Frame: Matte Black/Titanium Lens: Black Iridium Polarized NOTE: OEM lens are available if you would like vs the Cut Taco Family. (see picture) Update. I picked up some OEM lens and will swap them with the donor ones. Here is a like new pair of pb1's. Also included is the elite bag. No...