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  1. O

    Which hat is better between Oakley Tincan and Oakley Ellipse 6 Panel ?

    I wanna buy an Oakley Hat but i got some doubts about if one of these hats can give me a good solar protection, now i'm in South America/Amazonas this places is really hot, can you help me please ?
  2. U

    Buying  Looking for Oakley Hardshell backpack

    Been a lurker for a while, learning more about Oakley. Really into some of their backpacks from this era - looking for this specific hardshell backpack. Will pay well! And securely (G&S). Reach out. Thanks!
  3. K

    Can anyone identify this hoodie?

    Is this Oakley? I found this red hoodie in the McLaren Grand Grix Driver documentary SE01EP03, 2017. Fernando wore this in this episode, I think it should be Oakley as Fernando Alonso was sponsored by Oakley at that period. He was also wearing an Oakley write t-shirt and pants at the same time...
  4. CarGuy

    Good Livin' Greg Lutzka Fedora

    You don't see these too often: