oakley badman

  1. ochuni

    Replace Lenses on Badman? / Hinge Tightness Question?

    Hi everyone, I have two Badman questions that i can't seem to find a clear cut question on the site: how hard is to replace the lenses on the badman? I've seen some people post that they either scratch the frame or broke the orbitals. Have you guys noticed any difference with the hinge...
  2. H

    Badman lenses

    I bought a bunch of fuse replacement lenses for my badman, does anyone know of other companies that make lenses for them yet?
  3. Jestered

    Just purchased some Oakley Badman glasses. Fake?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Looks like a good group of folks around here. So, until recently I was still wearing my Oakley Square Wires I bought new back in '98-'99. They needed to be retired so I bought some black/black Oakley Badman from the big online retailer...
  4. charlie4

    Badman Frame Noise - Squeaks and Creaks?

    So I just purchased another Badman. Unboxed and opened frame and heard squeaks and creaks. My first two pairs are fine, but for some reason when I open this pair and put it on, the frame makes noises. Is it a manufacturers defect, is it something to be concerned about, should I take them back...
  5. U

    Found  Looking for Badman & Madman

    Hi! I am looking for 4 frames, Badman: Plasma & Dark Carbon, & Madman: Plasma & Dark Carbon. Any offer, please contact. Thank you
  6. C

    Badman - Asian Fit - Polarized?

    I bought a pair of Badman X Ti/ Chrome Iridium glasses on eBay. The listing said Polarized. When they arrived they were Asia fit (not in listing, but model # was, so my error on that). They fit pretty well anyway, but the lens is not etched with "polarized" like the other Polarized Oakleys I...
  7. U

    For Sale  A few Madman and a Badman

    I have for sale a few pairs of Madman's and 1 Badman. All prices include shipping in North America and all prices are listed in USD. International will be at the buyers expense. PM me with any questions or for any other pictures. All payments will be paypal F&F or you cover the 3% fees. Prices...
  8. OakGod81

    Prizm BADMAN thx Godzilla

    Wasn't sure at first but I put on my contacts and effing love them Thx Godzilla mang
  9. iupui1299

    Just simply Badman!

    Picked these up today with the help of the F&F. Just gorgeous! I know there are some who are not fans but I find these glasses one of the tops in terms of looks and fit. Love them! Very fitting of the name "Badman".
  10. ProjectCM3

    My Collection So Far

    Hi fellow O brethren! Below is my humble collection. For me it all started with the Juliet from back in the day. I've laid low for a long period of time, however back in 2013 I purchased the Crosshair which are my daily wears. It's just recently that I got back into collecting. The Badman I got...
  11. XMetalAddict

    X-Metals or New Pseudo X-Metals? Where would you spend your money?

    This question is buzzing in my mind and my last post kind of swayed me to stay as purist. Don't get me wrong, I really like the new designs, it is the materials that makes me hesitate. In an ideal world I would buy them all, but back in the real world I have to make sacrifices!:( Your thoughts?
  12. ProjectCM3

    Purchased Badman Plasma/Sapphire Iridium Polarized

    I got these 2/13/15 but but since I just recently discovered this awesome Forum I'm only just now posting up pics :)
  13. joscejrod

    Oakley Badman Reviews

    Hello, maybe i buy a pair of badman and i'd like knowing your opinions (i have read that fit is not too much good). I like dark carbon frame, with prizm or BIP (something subdued). Thanks!
  14. Arron1980

    Old vs. New Oakley X-Metals

    The old and the new.
  15. MKO2012

    Opinion: What color way will be most sought after?

    With the release of the new X-Metal Manman and Badman, what color ways do you all think will be most sought after and appealing down the road as collectables?
  16. Arron1980


    Anybody thinking about purchasing the Badmans when they are released next month? I like the look of them and will probably buy a pair. The plasma frame with sapphire polar lenses look stunning