oakley bob head display

  1. Bob Head 02.jpg

    Bob Head 02.jpg

  2. Oakley Bob Head Display.jpg

    Oakley Bob Head Display.jpg

    Oakley Bob Head Display
  3. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_14.jpg


    Rare Oakley Custom Display
  4. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_13.jpg


    Rare Oakley Custom Display
  5. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_12.jpg


    Rare Oakley Custom Display
  6. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    my personal concept (Bob Head Display)

    Hello guys! I want to present my personal concept of an "Oakley Bob Head Display". I first made the mold with plasticine, then I made a resin and fiberglass reproduction. Then I painted it with automotive paint. I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you