oakley breadbox

  1. manolocross


    Just got a pair of brand new breadbox black in with jade iridium lenses for 34.00 shipped and...... Authentic! I will try to post a pic. What I really got them for is to steal the jade lenses and put them in clear breadbox frame. Jade and clear... Hmmmmm.
  2. T

    Oakley Breadbox - Help ID'ing

    What are these glasses? One of the parts fell off and I want to replace it however I can't figure out what glasses they are.
  3. oakleybezerk

    Julian Wilson Breadbox

    The newly released Julian Wilson Breadbox. Subtle, yet somewhat appealing... Any Aussie forum members out there willing to help a brother out?
  4. Supero100

    Rust Decay Fuel Cell And Breadbox Pricing

    I was just told $500. !!! My questions are: Does this include the pre-purchase dinner? Do they come with anything extra in the box to justify what appears to be particularly egregious overpricing? $500. ??!!?!? I was formerly pretty psyched to grab these...
  5. Shade Station

    Breadbox Review/Preview Video

    We have finally reviewed/previewed the new Oakley Breadbox Sunglasses! Check out the video here; Be sure to check back in a little while to see the full review once stock arrives...
  6. The Game

    Breadbox Up On O-review

    Danns got four colorways up and it looks good, kinda Holbrook-ish. I hope they fit the same.