oakley collection

  1. U

    Sold Collection Sell ***SOLD****

    Hey guys first I hope everyone is doing well with the cover-19 situation. I have been doing some cleaning and I have decided on selling a lot of my oakley collection. Before I hit the bay I thought I would offer it here; I'am not going to try to make market value on none of my stuff I just got...
  2. ItsDonGio82

    My Oakley Collection..

    Hi all! Just thought to stop by and show you my Oakley Collection that I have managed to accumulate over a time and a lot of research..
  3. spin_nin

    My Current Collection

    It's been a while since I posted what is in my collection. It shouldn't come as a surprise that a lot of it has changed since I posted my "first collection." I started out in Matte Blk w/ Violet Iridium Frogskins back in '91. Then I added some Twenty XX in FMJ w/ Fire Ird, followed by Eye...
  4. SolarOracle

    Custom Oakley X-Squared Polished w/ Ruby

  5. ChloeConvoy

    Are you an Oakley Super Fan? Can I see your collection please?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum so please be nice ;) I'm putting together a blog post all about Oakley Super Fans and I was wondering if any forum members would be happy to let me use images of their Oakley collection and quotes explaining what Oakley means to them and why they love...
  6. Oakley Ron

    Oakley Ron Collection Updated 12-17-16

    Hey Guys. I got my new Oakley Case and wanted to share my new set up.....So excited to have the real deal case. It feels good! Have a look.
  7. gameforce11

    Hopefully the last of these I'll ever buy. :/

    My favorite colorway of The X-Metal Family. 24K/TIP. :) Moving on to the next Target! :)
  8. jiveSEVEN

    JiveSEVEN's update pond and company

    hey folks, just wanted to show everyone an updated pic of my frog pond and friends since I got new display stands in (thx frogtastic). enjoy! edit: oops the title should read "updated" not "update"... The whole gang My rares/favorites, top shelf More frogs 'Brooks Lifestyle/Sports...