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    For Sale  Oakley 4.0 Countertop Displays and Pedestals New in Box QTY 2

    I have (2) 4.0 Countertop displays that are brand new in original box for sale. Asking $400 each for the countertop display. Asking $150 for each pedestal and I will throw in a random magnet set free The 4.0 countertop box is about 50 lbs in the box and I did a test shipment price on Fedex...
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    Sold  2 Set Rx Shelf Metal Stand display Kit

    Just found this RX shelf stand display from the wearhouse There is 2 set Each set containing 12 pcs Actually it come with card holder but i cannot find it Price for each set (12 pcs) $295 included shpping from indonesia. Payment paypal FnF Sample with xmetal hahaha (but xmetal not included)
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    For Sale  Tower 4.0 full size in ex condition in Tampa

    I'd love to get a grand for this beauty but I'll take a reasonable offer. It's available for pickup near Tampa.
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    Oakley display
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    Oakley Display
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    For Sale  Oakley Display Cases For Sale -Midwest

    I have multiple cases for sale. There was a couple of shops that went out of business in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana and I helped them clear out all of their excess inventory and these displays were part of my payment and now I would like to make some collector(s) happy and get paid...
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    For Sale  Oakley Display Items

    Oakley Double Stand Plastic $15 each shipped within US. (Multiple on Hand) Oakley Double Stand Metal $15 each shipped within US. (Multiple on Hand) Oakley Metal Coin Stand $30 shipped within the US. Oakley Acrylic POP Holder $10 each shipped within the US. Oakley Polarized Display First...