oakley flak jacket 2.0

  1. H

    Flak 2.0 VS Flak 2.0 XL?

    Hey guys! I'm new here. I was trying to find some pictures showing the difference between the Flak 2.0 XL and the Flak 2.0. Anyone have any info?
  2. yanki01

    Let's see your Flak 2.0

    I didn't see a thread on this but very interested in seeing all the custom Flak 2.0's out there. I'm interested in ditching my Fast Jackets for the Flak 2.0 since they have more options and not being discontinued, obviously. Let's see what you got.
  3. S

    Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ vs. Flak Jacket 2.0

    Hi I'm currently after a new set of sunglasses. I want the new prism h2o shallow water lens for fishing and the sapphire iridium polarized for daily use. My issue is I can't seem to find the sapphire iridium polarized in flak jacket xjl or the prism h2o shallow water in flak 2.0. I'd prefer a...
  4. oakleyninja007

    Picked up some new glasses!

    I bought one jawbreaker this week and liked it so much I had to get more! I was also able to purchase the fmj goldbrook and some uranium.
  5. spin_nin

    Flak 2.0

    My first pair of the new Flak 2.0 came in today and I'm waiting for 3 more to arrive. First impression is that it's light, it's grippy, and is got good coverage. Fits me really well. I like the colorway. Not too over the top but they look sharp. I liked the old version of the flak jacket...