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  1. ZCForge

    OF Custom of the Month OCTOBER 2021 - Congrats @Oakman1992!

    OCTOBER 2021 Custom of the Month time! Congrats to @Solomon_Denali for winning the September 2021 Custom of the Month contest! The winner will receive a COTM Elite Display coin (shown below) plus one random Oakley related mystery gift provided by myself. Please familiarize yourself with the...
  2. OakleyBoss

    New Oakley Forum Style - Check it out

    We've been working on a new style for a while, and seems to be ready! Now before we all get up in arms about change, let's remember the internet is a constantly changing place where a lack of adaption only leads to death. The new Oakley Forum not only is sleeker/cleaner but brings a slew of...