oakley frogskins

  1. wrist

    New Mastermind Japan x Oakley Frogskins?

    Link: Mastermind Japan x Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses All new Mastermind Japan x Oakley Frogskins are now on-sale! Who's getting a pair?
  2. Soulfulfrog

    Oakley frogskins limited releases

    I've been trying to find a list online but having no luck. Does anyone know or have a list of all the frogskins designs and colorways realease numbers. Like limited editions. I know they only make 3000 of each regular ones. I'm very curious of all the designs. Thanks.
  3. RMZ21

    My Latest Acquisition....

    Just got these recently.... A Tincan Satin Chrome with +Red Iridium Polar, Frogskins Union Jack with Ruby Iridium, Double Tap Watch Gray with Bracelet, and a Hollow Point Red Dial Watch:)
  4. Frogskins

    Miami ...

  5. Trog

    Commonwealth Frogskins

    I have a complete set of commonwealth frogskins like new in box worn twice I was wondering what they are worth
  6. O

    Strange Rectangular shapes on Frogskins Polarized Lenses

    Hi everyone: A while ago I purchased a pair of Frogskins "Ink Collection". They are Black Ink with Chrome Iridium Polarized lenses. Well, the problem is that one day when I was cleaning them I realized that they had a perfect rectangular shape on the inside part of each lense. I thought it was...
  7. frognator

    Need advice: Custom Seafoam Heritage Frogskins?

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of heritage seafoam frogskins with the dark grey lens. Thing is I have a few pairs with the same lens and was kinda looking into getting a replacement set of lens to custom them. I know they won't have the 40 year marking (30 or 40? Unsure) on the corner of the lens...